Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Goodbye My One & Only Breast Pump Bag

This is breast pump bag that I got during my confinement. That was like 17 months ago, more or less. 

I like the design. I like it because theHub can carry it without feeling feminine. Hahaha. 

But unfortunately, the bag has aged. Not only on the outside.

But also on the inside :( 

Those stickers.. hahaha.. those were the labels i stick on my pumping storage bottles and also on the breastmilk storage bags. My waktu gemilang. Those were the days. 

I have not stopped production. Just that I have decreased my pumping sessions from many many times a day to maximun 3 times per day and automatically, my production also reduce. 

Probably it is time to get some branded bag.. than a pumping bag. HA.HA.HA. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unknown Stuffs On Biosilk Pantyliner

If you accidentally saw a post on facebook regarding a pantyliner that I posted on their facebook page, it was not my intention to let the public see. I was just thinking if Biosilk should take note of this since a packet of Biosilk PantyLiner cost about RM11. 

It was to my shock when I opened up a new pack of Biosilk Pantyliner and dust flew out from that piece of pantyliner and made me cough. I am not exaggerating. Look !!

After I posted, I left my phone in bag and off we went out for brunch and few hours later when I got home, when Athena was sleeping, I took out my phone and was surprised to see notifications from friends and others on this post. This is not the first case if you check out their "Visitors Post" tab. 

One of the Biosilk representatives from Kuching contacted me and wanting me to give back this pack to them and they will return a pack to me. I told her that it will be too time consuming if I were just to meet her to change a pack of pantyliner. I said it doesn't matter because

#1: I wasn't expect anything from them so I threw the dusty pantyliner away after I took the photo of it.

#2: If I were to meet her up, meaning to say, I expect something more than just a pack of pantyliner.

That is why I said it is too time consuming. Day time, I am busy with work. Evening time, I wish to have my own time because being a wife and a mother to a baby, when you have "free" time, it means a Bonus to you. 

But she insisted saying her boss wants that pack of pantyliner. I ignored her message because I told her the above reasons and she doesn't seem to understand me. 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Zu Sakuraitei, Another Japanese Restaurant in Kuching

Ian sent a last minute random dinner invitation in our group chat to dine at Zu Sakuraitei. theHub and I haven't been exploring places in Kuching since we have our little one. It is not easy to bring a baby around with you, especially to dining places. But.. Since Ian was about to leave the next day and we haven't even heard of this Japanese Restaurant before and since we also need to get our dinner fixed, so we joined them for dinner. Haha. 

Upon entering the restaurant, we had the feel that the place feels and looks like Sanga. Very much alike. Even some of the people look alike. So we asked and got confirmation that it is somehow related but not sure how they are related. Whatever it is.. it is the food that we want to know and hope that they are not like some temporary open then close kinda restaurant. Haha. 

Even the menu looks very much similar right? 

We ordered green tea because it is FREE.. and we were surprised when we were served hot and cold green tea. 
Look at the size !!

So small that we have to take few more photos just to prove that the hot ocha cup is really small. 

So small that it is smaller than Sin's fist. 

and then we were served a very beautiful sakura-themed teapot with a bucket of ice. Ooops. 
So guys, don't be too judgemental. We are sorry we were. 

and you know what.. there is different in the green tea. This green tea served to us in pot is very "kao" to the extend both Ernest and I need to add ice into our cup. The ones we normally had at Sanga, it was more like green tea flavoured hot water. But the ocha in Zu Sakuraitei is very Japanese.  

 While waiting for our food to be served.. #Fiefie-ing with my baby. 

I said in my previous post that it is okay for the mami to be ugly in the photos because the focus is on the baby most of the time. Her hair, her eyes, her mouth, her expressions, her OOTD. Hahaha. 

 Some #MeTime when the baby is somewhere at the corner. 

Don't worry. It's a safe corner. Look !! 

Cheers for the new year. Cheers for a better year. Cheers for great companion. Cheers for Ian.

Grace and Ian kinda food. 

 "behind the scene" of active instagrammers. Hahaha. 

Even Athena was getting ready her Samsung 7 Edge to do her job. 

Oops. Being spotted by Ernest. Very camera alert hor.. Hahahaha.

You can't really go wrong with beef in Japanese Restaurant, but to us, the beef here is overcooked. We expect better quality of food though. Huhuhu.

Cha Soba with AgeTofu set. This is good, just that it would be better if wasabi is included in this meal. 

Here's our group photos for the evening. Always good to hang out with them (and the missing ones cos it was too last minute so many couldn't make it. Lucky we did cos it was a good catch up)

Thanks Ian, Ernest and Grace for the photos contributed to this post. Hehehe. 

Come and try at Zu Sakuraitei. Reasonable price for such food and location.

Zu Sakuraitei is located at Ground Floor, Sublot 7,
Lot 12158, Block 16, KCLD, Jalan Song, Kuching. 

in short, it is just located next to Cupella at Jalan Song. 

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Advantages Of Having A Baby

I am sure you have heard lots of things about the disadvantages once you have a baby or babies. There are many things that you might not be able to enjoy once the little human come to the world. That little human whom you have no choice but to love because you just have to. Since it is a fact, why not focus on the some of the pros of having a baby. Hohoho. 

1) Because you have to take care of your baby.. Sometimes, your breakfast will prepared .. and that definitely will brighten up your day. Hehehe. This is mine for today.
♥ Wholemeal bun from Giant 
 ♥ Otak-Otak Sausage from Ta Kiong Supermarket 
 ♥ Scambled Egg 
 Sunnyside Egg 
 ♥ YinYong aka Cham aka Instant Teh Tarik + Nescafe 

2) Bring baby to run errands. Sometimes you will have some luck to have priority first. 😄

But when your baby knows your motive, she is not happy.. hahaha.. 

3) Do whatever you want to your baby, especially to her hair. That is IF she doesn't realize it. Hahaha. 

4) It is okay if you don't look good because people will focus on your baby. Hahaha !! Even if she is not cute, people will still say she is. 

5) More food to order and eat. 
We have more excuse to order more food without feeling guilty. Can always say, I order for baby one. 

6) Hangout with baby friendly friends.
So you can eat with peace when your friends take care of your baby. Hahahaha !! 

Ok. Bye. 

Thursday, February 02, 2017

I Got My Gucci Bamboo at Sephora

It has been reeaaaal loooongg since I last stepped in Sephora Kuching. My last purchase was ....... 
(digs Instagram because there is no way I can remember the date)

Yes !! Found !!! .. 
1st September 2014 !!! Two months before our #SinRoseAsOne11

There was no need for all these after one got married.. cos you know.. someone has taken you.. then you don't need to make up to impress that someone already because slowly you will turn into yellow face bitch mode after married !! Hahahahaha !! 

So, what's with the Gucci Bamboo Perfume?

The last I bought a perfume was waaaaayyy loong ago that I couldn't even remember when? I was guessing it was during Vietnam trip few years back. I haven't had a new perfume since then. Not that I really need. I still have other perfume which I have yet to finish but heyy.. no one will complain for more options right? Hehehe. 

So, it was at Taoyuen airport that I saw the perfume but after the conversion, I guess I can get the same thing in KL. Minus the trouble to carry it on board. 

But little did I know that I couldn't get it in KLIA2 because the shops were closed when we arrived early in the morning. I was disappointed but not to the extend I must buy it la cos I don't really need it though. If there is, it's a bonus. However, theHub managed to search online and what is even better is that we can just get it in Kuching, our hometown.

Freebies for buying the exact same thing at Sephora Kuching !! 

Free 8 Red Packets !!

Gucci Bamboo - My January 2017 gift. 

Awaiting for February 2017 gift now (if there's any)
Thank you Hubby for the January 2017 gift.
Thank you in advance for the February 2017 gift. Hahahaha !!!  

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Breastmilk Donation

When you have extra breastmilk and you posted on social media, people praised you. People made jokes bout you. People expect you to donate since you have extras. People have lots of expectations and recommendations from your breastmilk. I take compliments. Hohoho. 

I have donated some of  my breastmilk. Not trying to be kind cos I am not kind in nature. Hahaha. Just that I got the news that some mummies and their babies really in need of my breastmilk. When I donate, I donated the latest ones. I kept the older batches for my own baby. Not that my older stocks are not fresh, just that I was told the babies in need, their mummies prefer fresher breastmilk. Whatever it is, I just donate without much thought. When I donated not much for some mummies, they returned boxes of breastmilk storage bags as a token of appreciation. I often declined but they insisted so I just pumped more milk by using the storage bags given. In case you didn't know, breastmilk storage bags is EXPENSIVE for plastic bags. For the average bags, one box of 25 pieces is often sold at RM14. So one piece is about RM0.55. You would think that only 55cents ma.. why so calculative? It is for your baby afterall what. Yes yes yes. But in long term, it is not cheap. Not that we cannot afford, just that, is it worth to buy? If there is an alternative, would you consider finding that alternative? Have you ever been in PumpingMummy's shoes? 

Donating breastmilk is not a must. Sometimes we posted about how much we donated is not a show off. It is just like you posted a photo of yourself with someone or something or somewhere that you want to remember in future. 
Photo from here.

Happy baby, happy mummy.
Happy donor, happy donee.
Photo from here.
But at times, you can't help but to feel unhappy about some mummies who got your breastmilk donation but never feel appreciative. When your baby is in need of breastmilk, you requested. You got it. Your baby drank it. Not only you do not feel appreciative towards the donors, but you also seems like "so what, you have extras what. If you don't give it to me, also wasted what" kinda attitude. 

No madam, if I do not donate to you, I can donate to other babies in need. If there are no babies in need, I can just let my baby drink it. If my baby can't finish it on time before the expiry, I can shower my baby with my breastmilk !! 

Maybe you do not understand. It is not the quantities that matter most. Of course the quantity matters, every drop matters but what matter most is THE EFFORT to pump. Do you know how much sleep I had for those breastmilk I donated to you?


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hairbeauron Straightening Iron from Number76

When I was a kid, seeing a postman is like seeing a Santa Claus. I would get very excited when I knew they are coming in motorcycles with two big bags behind them and a stack of documents in front of them. I would wait for them to pass me the letters. I would see one by one. It was an excitement at first , but later it became disappointment because who on earth will send letters / packages to a little girl right? However, I was very hopeful until certain of time. 

Although I know what is inside the box, I still get very excited when I open it, step by step. Hahaha. 

Thanks to Caroline for being so thoughtful to bring them for wrapping. The box is a bit too big for these two items though. Or the white Styrofoam is too little for this box? Hahahaha..

Unboxing Unwrapping timeeee... 
here it is... Hairbeauron Straightener by Lumielina..
 The tool that is said to make your hair MORE BEAUTIFUL.. 
even the packaging is so beautiful. After I snapped photos, I put them back into the box and the plastic that comes with it. Hahahaha.

No time for trimming and not going for trimming until after CNY because many salons increase their price a month before Lunar New Year. I always wanted to ask the salons. Why increase before CNY? Why during other festives, like Gawai, Hari Raya and Christmas, they have promotions? Can someone please enlighten me? :( 

Anyways.. Hairbeauron Straightener is said to make your hair healthier too. I haven't tried but I just need to share with you my excitement for getting this magic tool that I hope will do my hair good because I have never heard that a straightener can improves the quality of my hair after the rebonding / straightening session. 

Future Beautism !! 
You claim till like that I very shy one wo.. hahahaha..

Some say.. after you give birth, your hair will fall until you can collect them to make wigs. I am not sure if my hair is falling to that extend but I was encouraged not to do rebonding until I have more hair, which.. no one has any idea when that will be.. Luckily, Hairbeauron is suitable for all type of hair, even for those with damaged hair or aging or my kind of hair. 

(sing it like nursery rhyme London bridge is falling down) 
I got a LUCKY BAG.. 
Lucky Bag, 
Lucky Bag.. 
I got a lucky bag, 
that will make you envy. 

As curious as you are, here are the things inside my lucky bag. I got to know about Fukubukuro, or known as lucky bag / mystery bag, during my first visit to Japan. TheHub said it is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. Lucky Bag is only sold on New Year in Japan. We were lucky enough to grab some lucky bags especially sports attires from Japan during our trips to Japan (long time ago). 

And for this Lucky Bag, I got it for spending more than RM888 at Number76. Not for any hair services or treatment, but for buying a tool. Hohoho. I like Japanese and the way they do business. Hohoho.

and I gave up taking photos after Athena tried numerously attacking my the items I put nicely for phototaking purpose. Her persistence makes me feel that I am a bad mummy for ignoring her. So I let her play my "toys". 

Did you notice what is missing? She grabbed the tote bag and threw it to the side and continue grabbing the rest of my "toys" on bean bag. 

3 red packets thrown. More stuffs for her to throw. 

Warranty Card.. Haha.. no idea what it says but I see my name and date purchased. 

User manual. 
How many actually read them before using? Hahaha !! 

While Athena was busy destroying / throwing my things away.. I managed to snap another photo of  my tool. So white.. so beautiful.. Can't wait for CNY to use this.