Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Thermomix : Homemade Ajinomoto / Chicken Stock / Chicken Powder

I have seen this kind of Maggi Chicken Stock or the cubes one since i was young.. cos Mama used to use a lot.. hahaha.. I say a lot because whenever we go sundry shop, she will buy big bottle instead of a small one. Oklar.. to be fair, she cook a lot at home, unlike me. So buying big bottle makes it cheaper and easier so she doesn't have to go buy all the time. Hahaha. 

Since I bought a Thermomix few years ago, if you asked me it is worth the buy. I would say it is a yes for me. I do not cook at home (before married) .. and I seldom cook at home (after married) .. Hahaha.. but when I want to cook, I will la.. sometimes, or most of the time, eating out is so much easier. Go YongSiang, pay RM4 can get 2 vege 1 meat. Go market, spent so much. Cook them, tasted not as expected. --> EmoMe.. hahahaha.. 

So, once in a blue moon, I will browse through facebook or blogs to look for recipes for something that I thought I might like it. Chicken stock is not something that I like but I thought it will be good to have own chicken stock at home. We used to do it once with the Aunty who sold us the Thermomix but I never got the chance to try it. So, last night I made my own from the recipes I got online. 


- 300g chicken breast without skin
- 70g onion 
- 60g leek (white part only)
- 70g garlic
- 10 pcs coriander seeds
- 2 cloves 
- 1 tbsp parsley 

-120g sea salt 
- 50g rice wine 

1) Place all the ingredients into TM bowl to chop. MC/10 secs/Speed 7
2) Add in the sea salt and rice wine to cook. 25 mins/V/Speed 2 
3) Blend the mixture. MC/10 secs/Speed 7
4) Place on tray and bake in oven for 25-30 mins at 150c (I baked at 150c for 30-40 mins and I am using BAF)
5) Place mixture into TM bowl to mill. MC/30 secs/Speed 10

Those are the ingredients and steps I found online from fionwarmdelightskitchen. Following most of her ingredients, not all cos you know.. sometimes when you bought certain ingredients, you thought it is enough, but it is actually not :( 

Garlic 71g cos taking out one will make it less than 70. More is better than less for this i guess. Haha..

Onion 70g.. about there. The bowl is 120g, Garlic 71g. 

I bought Chicken 344g from Cold Storage but unfortunately the skin is hidden below the boneless chicken.. cheat me again.. so in the end the chicken only weigh 278g

Leek, some said only the white part.. i mix a bit of green part cos if really really white part only, I would not have enough to make the chicken stock. So, my Leek 63g. 

Sea salt supposedly 120g according to ingredients but I am afraid it will be too salty so i only put 56g.

Rice Wine 51g.

The initial ingredient was Coriander Seeds.. but we could find it in the supermarket so we got Ground Coriander instead. It says 10 pieces of Coriander seeds but i failed to google how heavy is 10 pieces so I just put 1 tsp to try it. Haha. 

And then I put all my ingredients in, exclude seasonings into the TM bowl to chop at Speed 7, 10 seconds

and finallyyyyy.. pour in the seasonings and cook for 25 minutes, Varoma, Speed 2

Initially I wanted to make it Chicken Powder like they did, but my mission failed. I guess I didn't put in oven for long enough to let them dry. I baked them for 30 minutes, under 150 degree, left it for another 10 minutes inside the oven before I took it out to blend at Speed 10. It was still wet, so I will just consider it as Chicken Stock instead of Chicken Powder. Hahahaha !! 

After finished cleaning up everything. I look back at the source. I discovered I left out two ingredients, Cloves and Parsley. 🙊

I haven't tried to cook them with my homemade chicken stock. I hope they taste good. 😊

Saturday, May 06, 2017


Remember those days where after an event or events, every bloggers will rush back home, take out their memory card from their cameras and started to watermark their photos and update their blogs as fast as they can so that when people google for that particular event, their blog link will be shown first. Those were the days when google was still the first thing people thought of when they wanted to find more information of something. Those were the days when bloggers were still recognized. Those were the days when I got to know Anna, and other bloggers. Those were the days when we were known as bloggers. Time flies. Things changed. Same role, same tasks, less efforts (cos now everyone uses mobile phone instead of cameras and they can just edit and upload using mobile phones) and they are now called #SocialInfluencers

Photos taken in 2010. 

Fast forward to 05.05.2017, our Anna now says #ByeMissWongHiMrsWong.

Love everything about her dream wedding. A Garden Wedding. Been through a bride myself, I know how stressful one can be when there are things that not under your control although you planned everything the way you want it but there are times when you just cannot control certain things. It is ok Anna, it's over now. You did well. It was a very beautiful wedding reception. Everyone Wow-ed. We love every little things you did for us as your guests. 

Luckily I still have my name instead of Mrs Tan. Hohohoho. 

Because of you, I got to hiao dress up. I have excuse to go do eyelashes by Ann. I have excuse to go for a haircut, a hairdo and I even have chance to wear dress with golf shoes heels. Life changes ever since I'm Mrs Tan #LifeAsSinsWifey. I blog less. I update on social media less. I am definitely not the Social Influencer everyone is now. Low profile liao after getting married. Hahaha. 

As much as I wanted to throw everything to facebook, but I think your wedding deserves a post from me. I have so much to tell you. I have so much to thank you. I want to tell you how grateful I am for having you as my friend. I still have that little blogger in me that I want to jot down on blog to remember your special day. 

Every little details in your wedding show how much effort you have put in for yourself and for us. Thank you very much Anna. 

Even the food served to us makes us feel honored to be your guests. 

The starter:
Herbs Poached Prawns Salad with Mixed Fruits
(Mesclun Greens and Citrus Dressing)

I haven't tasted prawns ever since I delivered Athena... and allergy or not, I didn't care. I just put them into my mouth. Hahahaha. 

"Itch or not, tomorrow then decide" was what I thought of last night. Look at Mr Tan !! Hahaha. 

and Anna.. thanks to you, I finally met the Utmost Premium, Gordon and Eva.. and not forgetting your bridesmaid, Gladys. We are all in Kuching but we did not have the chance to meet each other.. and because of you, we met. 

Next, the Soup:
Oven Roasted Mushroom Soup
(Saute Mushroom, Herbs Croutons, Fresh Cream)

Followed by the Main Dish:
Pan-Seared Orange Stuffed Barramundi Fillet & Supreme Chicken Roulade with Spinach and Rasins
(with Tomato and Orange Reduction, Garden Vegetables & Au GratinPotato)

and everyone's favourite, Dessert:
Baked Marble Cheese Cake
(with berries compote and salted caramel sauce, Soft Rolls & Butter)

Oh.. and Jian the meow. I haven't met him since AABC years back.. or was it during my wedding? Hahahaha.. Hello Meow, glad that you do well in everything you are doing now. We shall meet again soon (if someone is getting married.. hahahahaha) That's Yien and Dennis behind.. Hello helloooo.. 

Hello Gladysssss ..

Hellooo Meeenn.. Hellooo Jacqqqqq..

Met Donnie Yen at the Hilton's Lobby. 

How to make yourself looks better besides Ip Man? 
Put camera closer to him, further than yourself. HAHAHAHAHA !!!  

Oh btw, since it was a garden wedding.. and it rained in the morning, the grass is muddy. So guests are advised to not wear heels. Which also means wear Shoes. So, I managed to find a pair of my golf shoes. Finally can put to use. This is how I dressed up for Anna's wedding. Dress and shoes. I can run away snapping photos with everyone.. i thought. Yes. I thought.

and this is how I look before the wedding reception.. and I thought, everyone should look the same. Dress and shoes. Woohooo.. that's going to be specially awesome  !!!! 

But unfortunately, I was conned. Hahahahaha. Luckily I brought my heels alone to make myself not so funny in front of everyone. Hahahaha !!! 

Oh btw.. I dressed up based on their wedding theme: Pink and/or Navy Blue, 
plus a bit of Green.. and white shoes.. hahahahaha.. 

Oh helloooo Evaaaaa.. the forever lovely lady. Thanks for the photo :D 

I haven't got the group photos and other photos with other friendsssss, so for now..this is it. 
Thank you for everything Anna and William. 

Wishing both of you, the lifetime of happiness. 
Thank you so much for having us on your special day. 
Lots of love from all of us. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kopi Ying Yong Nai

Yesterday I posted a photo of the kind of Kopi C that I like in Instagram. Thanks to @yyseow for pointing out that this is call Kopi Ying Yong Nai. I didn't know there's such drink until I had it here at one of the housing area that sells kolo mee. For a glass of this, they rationally charge RM1.60 . Oh yay.. more reason to go over for Kopi Ying Yong Nai. Haha.. but other than this place, when I go outside to order today, people here do not seem to know what I am talking about. So I ended up with our local Kopi C. 

Recently, I have been eating a lot of this set. 
Kolo Beehoon for RM3.00
Kopi C for RM1.60

On some days, there will be blur people around, just like today for example. I ordered Kopi C.

The waiter asked: Panas? 

Me: Ya. (I didn't even say Peng ler)

Waiter: Panas ka? 

Me: Ya. Panas. 
(now that I think back, could it be if he asked me that I am hot?) hahahahaha.. geddit geddit? nvm..

and i was served Kopi C Peng. 

On normal days, I will just say tak apa la.. and I will just drink it. But these few days really cannot drink cold water laaaaaa... It's the days of the month again (after so looooooongggg due to breastfeeding) .. so die die also cannot accept the cold drink.

Me: Tadi kan cakap Kopi C Panas?

Him: Ha? Panas ka? 

Me: (wtf. You asked few times ok?) Ya. Saya mau Kopi C Panas.

He was reluctant to take it back. But sorry, today laoniang cannot drink cold. 

Minutes later, I was served Kopi C. I hope he didn't add something funny to the drink. O.o

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Cook Chicken Mushroom Meesua with Thermomix?

Of course the first thing is to google the recipe. Google has been good friend to anyone with internet connection. Haha. If you can't find anything in google, you can try other platform like facebook or instagram or probably Pinterest? 

Having a Thermomix is one thing. Using it is another thing. But with Thermomix, I can cook. Anyone can cook. All you need to have are the ingredients. Once you got to know how to cook with Thermomix, you can self alter it to cook it the conventional way. 

If you haven't followed Annie Xavier in instagram, you can find her here. She is said to be the first Malaysian to publish cookbook, with Thermomix. I like her recipes. I even bought her first book. Haha. But i know. Some just want to try out first before buying, then you should definitely follow her. She shares her recipes most of the time. 

As much as I like to watch her videos on how she cook those, but i used to be noob. I need to pause and then i jotted down her recipes one by one and the methods to do it. Hahaha.. by the time i finished copying, my German Maid got lazy I got no motivation to prepare the ingredients. Hahahaha. 

and so, few days ago, I suddenly became smart. I discovered the use of Printscreen with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Dang. So I printscreen them and started preparing the ingredients and started to throw them at my German maid. Hahahaha.. 

TheHub wasn't feeling well since last week. So I have the heart and soul to make something for him. Plus my German maid has been resting for quite sometimes. I guess I need to make her work so that it is worth my investment in her. Hahaha. 

So, if you are as lazy as I am by looking at the steps, here are the steps by Annie Xavier on how to cook Chicken Mushroom Rice Vermicelli. I was thinking to cook this for the MIL on her birthday but too bad my experiment failed. Luckily I wasn't too self confident to cook it on her birthday or else.... O.o 

Anyways, here are the recipes and steps to cook. There are some people (like me) who just want to look at the simplified version. 

300g Rice Vermicelli 
600g Chicken
8 pcs Mushroom
5 cloves Garlic
10 slices Ginger
20g Cooking Oil
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp Chinese Wine
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Mushroom Seasoning (optional)
1/2 tsp Pepper

900g water
100g Mushroom Water
(Water used to soak 8 pieces of Mushroom)

Ok. Here is the interesting part. 
How I Failed My Cooking?

I didn't have garlic and ginger at home.. If you were to ask me to drive out just to buy these two, I would rather not cook. Hahahaha. What !!! Cook also need to see feelings and mood one ma. So, i googled for the substitute for these two and I have them at home. I used Garlic Powder (1:1) .. and according to google, ginger slice also (1:1) to ginger powder but my instinct told me it is not.. and so I put 1/3 and I think that contributed a lot to my failed cooking (blame heaven, blame earth) Hahahaha. 

The presentation not bad hor.. I added red dates and goji berries into the soup to make it more presentable. But say real real.. the real food wasn't tasty but edible. We still have some leftovers and theHub said the second time one tasted better. I think he give face only. Hahaha. 


Thursday, March 02, 2017

#AuntyLevel999 When Shopping

Earlier this year, I posted about Baby's Instant Food. And then I read about Cheesie's post on her LunchForSakura. I have been reading her blog since the blogging era (now is facebook and instagram era) so what she wrote I believe and I also follow like she is my goddess. She is btw. I am really impressed by her. Lots of things about her that I like. I like how she took care of her kids too. It is like I'm growing old together with her. Hahaha. Anyways.. back to baby's food. She wrote about Nestle Cerelac products so I gave it a try. 

There are only 2 choices in the store that I bought. One is Rice, for 6 months and above. The other is this, Wheat & Honey, also for 6 months and above. Since Athena is 18 months already, some might think, isn't it too late for her to eat this? I thought so too at first but the thing is, she doesn't eat much of other solid food. Probably I am a bad mom cos I don't prepare lots of food for her to try if she likes it or not. Probably also because I used to try to  make few types of baby food with super expensive ingredients for her but she did not eat them in the end so I got discouraged and so I did not prepare with heart anymore. Hahaha. Or probably, my baby starts to eat adult food already she thinks baby food is for baby. Hmm.. 

So, the box Nestle Cerelac in the photo is the one I bought not long ago. It cost me RM8 for 225g. Ok. Fine. So that box of cereal finished, so today I went to the same store wanting to buy the same box since Athena kinda likes it. I make this for her when she doesn't take adult food and when she suddenly discovered that she is a baby that she wants to eat baby cereal. 

Why #AuntyLevel999 ? Haaaaaa... 
People like me, who is a mom to my baby, a wife to my husband, a cheapskate to myself, will normally compare prices for the items that I buy la. What makes me miscalculate the last time I bought this? Why did I end up buying something in can / container compared to the box which should cost lesser? 

1) It costs lesser because it does not have a can / container. 
2) It costs lesser because it is in the box. 

Makes sense right??

So today, I accidentally saw the price for the can / container. It was priced at RM14.70 .. from the size of the box and the can / container, I was not aware how much one weigh. So I took a close look at the net weight. 

In box, 225g for RM8.00
In can / container, 500g for RM14.70

So, if I were to buy 2 boxes of 225g, it will be RM8 x 2 = RM16
that will be almost or equivalent to one can = 500g = RM14.70



How is that possible?

Let's recalculate:-
225g x 2 = 450g = RM8 x 2 = RM16
500g = RM14.90

Can someone please enlighten me?

Anyways, I wish we have more flavors for Nestle Cerelac in Kuching. 

Something like..
Rice & Chicken with Milk
Oat, Wheat & Prunes with Milk

Photo from here.


Rice & Milk
Rice & Soya with Milk
Brown Rice & Milk

Photo from here.

Or do we even have this
Rice & Mixed Vegetables with Milk

Photo from here.
Or these are already in the stores, just that I don't know?