Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kopi Ying Yong Nai

Yesterday I posted a photo of the kind of Kopi C that I like in Instagram. Thanks to @yyseow for pointing out that this is call Kopi Ying Yong Nai. I didn't know there's such drink until I had it here at one of the housing area that sells kolo mee. For a glass of this, they rationally charge RM1.60 . Oh yay.. more reason to go over for Kopi Ying Yong Nai. Haha.. but other than this place, when I go outside to order today, people here do not seem to know what I am talking about. So I ended up with our local Kopi C. 

Recently, I have been eating a lot of this set. 
Kolo Beehoon for RM3.00
Kopi C for RM1.60

On some days, there will be blur people around, just like today for example. I ordered Kopi C.

The waiter asked: Panas? 

Me: Ya. (I didn't even say Peng ler)

Waiter: Panas ka? 

Me: Ya. Panas. 
(now that I think back, could it be if he asked me that I am hot?) hahahahaha.. geddit geddit? nvm..

and i was served Kopi C Peng. 

On normal days, I will just say tak apa la.. and I will just drink it. But these few days really cannot drink cold water laaaaaa... It's the days of the month again (after so looooooongggg due to breastfeeding) .. so die die also cannot accept the cold drink.

Me: Tadi kan cakap Kopi C Panas?

Him: Ha? Panas ka? 

Me: (wtf. You asked few times ok?) Ya. Saya mau Kopi C Panas.

He was reluctant to take it back. But sorry, today laoniang cannot drink cold. 

Minutes later, I was served Kopi C. I hope he didn't add something funny to the drink. O.o

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Cook Chicken Mushroom Meesua with Thermomix?

Of course the first thing is to google the recipe. Google has been good friend to anyone with internet connection. Haha. If you can't find anything in google, you can try other platform like facebook or instagram or probably Pinterest? 

Having a Thermomix is one thing. Using it is another thing. But with Thermomix, I can cook. Anyone can cook. All you need to have are the ingredients. Once you got to know how to cook with Thermomix, you can self alter it to cook it the conventional way. 

If you haven't followed Annie Xavier in instagram, you can find her here. She is said to be the first Malaysian to publish cookbook, with Thermomix. I like her recipes. I even bought her first book. Haha. But i know. Some just want to try out first before buying, then you should definitely follow her. She shares her recipes most of the time. 

As much as I like to watch her videos on how she cook those, but i used to be noob. I need to pause and then i jotted down her recipes one by one and the methods to do it. Hahaha.. by the time i finished copying, my German Maid got lazy I got no motivation to prepare the ingredients. Hahahaha. 

and so, few days ago, I suddenly became smart. I discovered the use of Printscreen with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Dang. So I printscreen them and started preparing the ingredients and started to throw them at my German maid. Hahahaha.. 

TheHub wasn't feeling well since last week. So I have the heart and soul to make something for him. Plus my German maid has been resting for quite sometimes. I guess I need to make her work so that it is worth my investment in her. Hahaha. 

So, if you are as lazy as I am by looking at the steps, here are the steps by Annie Xavier on how to cook Chicken Mushroom Rice Vermicelli. I was thinking to cook this for the MIL on her birthday but too bad my experiment failed. Luckily I wasn't too self confident to cook it on her birthday or else.... O.o 

Anyways, here are the recipes and steps to cook. There are some people (like me) who just want to look at the simplified version. 

300g Rice Vermicelli 
600g Chicken
8 pcs Mushroom
5 cloves Garlic
10 slices Ginger
20g Cooking Oil
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp Chinese Wine
2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Mushroom Seasoning (optional)
1/2 tsp Pepper

900g water
100g Mushroom Water
(Water used to soak 8 pieces of Mushroom)

Ok. Here is the interesting part. 
How I Failed My Cooking?

I didn't have garlic and ginger at home.. If you were to ask me to drive out just to buy these two, I would rather not cook. Hahahaha. What !!! Cook also need to see feelings and mood one ma. So, i googled for the substitute for these two and I have them at home. I used Garlic Powder (1:1) .. and according to google, ginger slice also (1:1) to ginger powder but my instinct told me it is not.. and so I put 1/3 and I think that contributed a lot to my failed cooking (blame heaven, blame earth) Hahahaha. 

The presentation not bad hor.. I added red dates and goji berries into the soup to make it more presentable. But say real real.. the real food wasn't tasty but edible. We still have some leftovers and theHub said the second time one tasted better. I think he give face only. Hahaha. 


Thursday, March 02, 2017

#AuntyLevel999 When Shopping

Earlier this year, I posted about Baby's Instant Food. And then I read about Cheesie's post on her LunchForSakura. I have been reading her blog since the blogging era (now is facebook and instagram era) so what she wrote I believe and I also follow like she is my goddess. She is btw. I am really impressed by her. Lots of things about her that I like. I like how she took care of her kids too. It is like I'm growing old together with her. Hahaha. Anyways.. back to baby's food. She wrote about Nestle Cerelac products so I gave it a try. 

There are only 2 choices in the store that I bought. One is Rice, for 6 months and above. The other is this, Wheat & Honey, also for 6 months and above. Since Athena is 18 months already, some might think, isn't it too late for her to eat this? I thought so too at first but the thing is, she doesn't eat much of other solid food. Probably I am a bad mom cos I don't prepare lots of food for her to try if she likes it or not. Probably also because I used to try to  make few types of baby food with super expensive ingredients for her but she did not eat them in the end so I got discouraged and so I did not prepare with heart anymore. Hahaha. Or probably, my baby starts to eat adult food already she thinks baby food is for baby. Hmm.. 

So, the box Nestle Cerelac in the photo is the one I bought not long ago. It cost me RM8 for 225g. Ok. Fine. So that box of cereal finished, so today I went to the same store wanting to buy the same box since Athena kinda likes it. I make this for her when she doesn't take adult food and when she suddenly discovered that she is a baby that she wants to eat baby cereal. 

Why #AuntyLevel999 ? Haaaaaa... 
People like me, who is a mom to my baby, a wife to my husband, a cheapskate to myself, will normally compare prices for the items that I buy la. What makes me miscalculate the last time I bought this? Why did I end up buying something in can / container compared to the box which should cost lesser? 

1) It costs lesser because it does not have a can / container. 
2) It costs lesser because it is in the box. 

Makes sense right??

So today, I accidentally saw the price for the can / container. It was priced at RM14.70 .. from the size of the box and the can / container, I was not aware how much one weigh. So I took a close look at the net weight. 

In box, 225g for RM8.00
In can / container, 500g for RM14.70

So, if I were to buy 2 boxes of 225g, it will be RM8 x 2 = RM16
that will be almost or equivalent to one can = 500g = RM14.70



How is that possible?

Let's recalculate:-
225g x 2 = 450g = RM8 x 2 = RM16
500g = RM14.90

Can someone please enlighten me?

Anyways, I wish we have more flavors for Nestle Cerelac in Kuching. 

Something like..
Rice & Chicken with Milk
Oat, Wheat & Prunes with Milk

Photo from here.


Rice & Milk
Rice & Soya with Milk
Brown Rice & Milk

Photo from here.

Or do we even have this
Rice & Mixed Vegetables with Milk

Photo from here.
Or these are already in the stores, just that I don't know?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Laneige BB Cushion Whitening SPF50+

Laneige, is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by Amore Pacific. Laneige is created by Amore Pacific in 1994. I am not sure about you but I am curious what makes them named this cosmetics and why. So I googled. The brand name comes from La Neige, which means SNOW in French. Ok. I like the name and its meaning. I like the paperbag too. 

When I was queuing for payment at Parkson counter, I saw a lady with Laneige paperbag. I got excited. I have this thing with paperbags. Who doesn't like nice paperbag when it is given free ? So, I thought I would be given until I received just the plastic bag from Parkson. Disappointed of course. So after payment, Sin asked me to go back to Laneige counter to ask for that paperbag that I want. I did. And here it is.. my Laneige Paperbag. 

This is what I got this time Laneige X Lucky Chouette. If you have been to Laneige counter, you know they have this beautiful boxes on promotions with more free gifts, wrapped beautifully that made you want to bring them home. Yes. I was one of the suckers that cannot NOT BUY if I see them. Hence this Limited Edition Laneige BB Cushion set in the house. Hahaha. 

Without the box unfortunately. I should have asked them to provide me the box too so I can let Athena plays with it. Or put Athena's toys in it. Or probably, make a tabung for her to keep her money in the box. Good idea right? Recycle ma. 
*self reminder: Must remember to get the box next time too, since the promotion itself has this*

Unboxing and here are the contains of what are inside the boxes of RM239. 

1) Laneige BB Cushion has a refill pack that comes together. That means one case with BB Cushion + One Refill for RM159. Actually you can buy online with cheaper price lo, but recently I just don't have the time to do so. It was Parkson Double Bonuslink Day of the month, so might as well la. Some more can get the paperbag for free. HAHAHAHA. 

2) Laneige Limited Edition Owls Serum Drop Tint @ RM80. I'm not a lipstick person but somehow, a sucker just have to buy something and then got this Parkson voucher worth RM30. Hahaha.. 

3) Free Gifts : 
Laneige Water Bank Essense. 
Laneige Oil Free Cleansing Liquid.

4) Tokyo Toy borrowed from Athena <-- HAHAHA 

5) Limited Edition BB Cushion Puff. This one is seriously important because .... (you will know when you scroll down later) 

So, here are the free gifts from the Limited Edition Box. 

My first BB Cushion was this.. also a limited edition. If you are a Laneige products lover, you will also have a set of this.

The reason why you need more BB Cushion Puff is because of this. You might not have appetite seeing what's inside. Hahahahaha !!! I haven't got time to clean up this. Will so do in the near future, or probably tonight la.. I promise.. 

Aaaaahhhh... New pack of 2017 Limited Edition Laneige BB Cushion. 

I have started using this again.. Let's see how long it will last this time. One thing for sure.. my bb cushion puffs will not look like the previous one. Hahahahah !!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SinRoseLittleFamily Day

Helloooooo Wednesdayyyy !!! Time flies. It is yet another mid week. 
Since I have so many photos on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a good camera phone after my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled back, I might as well post as many photos as I can over in the blog. 

A random Sunday well spent. Good hair day means more selfies / wefie / fiefie. Hahaha.. 

Thanks to Hairbeauron. My hair can never look like Athena's but I'm somewhere near that straight hair. Hahaha. 

It is hard to get her smile. Especially when she is at warm places. 

Look at that "See what see"-kinda face. 

Almost there. After taking like XX-times of selfies.

My baby wanting to act like adult. No baby chair for her. She wanted to be as short  tall as her Mami, so she stood up. 
Ok. You win Athena !! You are definitely taller than Mami now. 

All the failed photos.



Ok. Probably it is easier to take photos of food and drinks. Hahaha..

I just discovered that the Teh-C Peng Special at Oriental Park is good. Next best after the 7th Mile Teh-C Peng Special. hahaha. 

This is one of the best breakfast combination. 
Kuching famous Oriental Park's Kolo Mee with CharSiew Oil, topped with Charcoal BBQ CharSiew and minced meat. Must be eaten together with their cilipadi. 
with a glass of Teh C Peng Special. 
Heavenly goooood. 

Afternoon Tea prepared by #ChefJackyBenson

Miscommunication between theHub and myself. We saw a piece of Salmon Sashimi at Choice 101. I told theHub that I wanted to have Sashimi. So he said let's get a piece of it then. The next thing I know after making our baby sleep in the afternoon, theHub turned the salmon sashimi into this beautiful plate of snack for afternoon tea. 

I still want my Salmon Sashimi pleaseeeeee.. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Goodbye My One & Only Breast Pump Bag

This is breast pump bag that I got during my confinement. That was like 17 months ago, more or less. 

I like the design. I like it because theHub can carry it without feeling feminine. Hahaha. 

But unfortunately, the bag has aged. Not only on the outside.

But also on the inside :( 

Those stickers.. hahaha.. those were the labels i stick on my pumping storage bottles and also on the breastmilk storage bags. My waktu gemilang. Those were the days. 

I have not stopped production. Just that I have decreased my pumping sessions from many many times a day to maximun 3 times per day and automatically, my production also reduce. 

Probably it is time to get some branded bag.. than a pumping bag. HA.HA.HA. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unknown Stuffs On Biosilk Pantyliner

If you accidentally saw a post on facebook regarding a pantyliner that I posted on their facebook page, it was not my intention to let the public see. I was just thinking if Biosilk should take note of this since a packet of Biosilk PantyLiner cost about RM11. 

It was to my shock when I opened up a new pack of Biosilk Pantyliner and dust flew out from that piece of pantyliner and made me cough. I am not exaggerating. Look !!

After I posted, I left my phone in bag and off we went out for brunch and few hours later when I got home, when Athena was sleeping, I took out my phone and was surprised to see notifications from friends and others on this post. This is not the first case if you check out their "Visitors Post" tab. 

One of the Biosilk representatives from Kuching contacted me and wanting me to give back this pack to them and they will return a pack to me. I told her that it will be too time consuming if I were just to meet her to change a pack of pantyliner. I said it doesn't matter because

#1: I wasn't expect anything from them so I threw the dusty pantyliner away after I took the photo of it.

#2: If I were to meet her up, meaning to say, I expect something more than just a pack of pantyliner.

That is why I said it is too time consuming. Day time, I am busy with work. Evening time, I wish to have my own time because being a wife and a mother to a baby, when you have "free" time, it means a Bonus to you. 

But she insisted saying her boss wants that pack of pantyliner. I ignored her message because I told her the above reasons and she doesn't seem to understand me.