Friday, December 09, 2016

Why You Should Not Get Angry?

Who doesn't get angry? It is the matter of how you control your emotion. Typing this does not make me a saint who do not get angry, neither am I good at controlling my emotions. I threw temper most of the time too. Ask my sis. I pity her sometimes cos I am younger and she bears with me most of the time. T_T

Ok. Why one should not get angry? I know it is easier said than done. Before I type this blog post. I was at super mad emotion, but still under control. I speak the normal way to people, just that without smile. People who know me acting this way will try to avoid or continue talking to me until the right time.

So, what did I do when I was at very bad mood a while ago?

I was angry. I put everything aside (including my baby to someone she trusted and feels comfortable with). I hopped into the car and drive to my favourite drinking place. (Not the alcohol type ok? Like the poslajuman said, I've bertaubat. Hahaha. That is going to be another story next time.) I bought 3 cups of my favourite Teh C Peng Special and I drank all in the shortest period. I felt good. Satisfied.

I regretted about it minutes later.


Reasons :-

1) My gum is crying. I remember dentist told me it's not about my tooth / teeth. My gum starts to become sensitive after I gave birth to my baby. I had a filling on my tooth. I have a story about the filling too. The 38poh in me needs a place to blaaahhh..

2) How many calories did I just consume??? I need to do 3 BodyAttack classes in order to burn those calories !!!

3) How much fuel did I just wasted for driving from my place to this place and back to my place??

So why get angry, felt happy for less than 5 minutes and then regret later?

Sunday, December 04, 2016

How Have You Been?

Life has changed much ever since we have #SinRoseLittleOne. It is no longer about me and him with the hashtag #SinRoseAsOne11, more about #SinRoseLittleFamily. There are not many or maybe NO MORE  #MeTime. It is always about her and him and them and sometimes us.

Our Unifi and Youtube is not about the channel that we want to watch.

Instead of playing with our phones most of the time, our eyes are on her. So please excuse us if we do not reply your messages within hours, or sometimes days before we tend to read and when we wanted to reply, we need to attend our president. 
Sin's miniature. 
This post is going to be like all in one with all the photos I have with me, before, during and after Note7. Lots of things to tell but I do not know where to start. So whatever photos you see here, I am just going to tell you what / when / who / how that you would want to know. Start with this, we have this super awesome thing in our kitchen. Thanks to eh Hello Gang for the gift. We are loving this to bits. hehehe.  
Tefal Snack Collection Sandwich Maker. So much convenient.
 And then most of the time, or should I say most of my time. It is about Athena, Miss Tan, Little Devil. My everyday adventures with her. One day, her shirt stuck on her head and I made her look like this. Hahaha !! 
She wanted to pull her shirt out but pulled it half way and I decided to make her cuter. Hahaha !! 
When she's playful.. 
 Once upon a time, lunchbox prepared by theHub. 
Lunch Box ! 
 When we feel lazy. Everything throw into the microwave and oven. Hahaha. 
What's in the lunchbox !! 
 and when we get lazier. Not so colorful anymore. 
Green beans and chicken slices. 

When we got even lazier.. Go out and eat. Hahaha.. Save time preparing meals and wash dishes.  
Home Made Kopitiam at Ang Cheng Ho.
Sometimes eating outside can really make you feel frustrated. Waited so long for this expensive box of rice that made me waste my time and money. They make take-away customer waited for so long, last to be served even you make the order so much earlier than the dine-in customers. Probably I got the CB face that they don't want to serve me first. Came earlier than the 5 tables who just sat down and being served with macam macam requests but am the last to be served though I just said tapao 4 packets (with no special request of what to have and what not to have) after I sort of showed them my pissed off face. Tong Nian (used to be Big Horse) the corner shop at sekama, on the way to HLB Pending. Will definitely NOT visit them again. 
Eat at your own risk.
I do miss this awesome foood from Aunty Corner. RM5 for this. 

Baby's food. Factory slow down already :( 

Baby woke up to communicate with the bunny.  

and then she discovered me.  

Shy baby. Hehehe..  

She can be cranky most of the time too.  

for no reason, she can just yell and shout and cry T___T 

Althea's box when received. 

and their chosen courier partner, Skynet Kuching who sent parcel at slower than snail pace. With such service, I have no interest to purchase with Althea in the future after this incident. Althea customer service is not helping at all when we told them about how we were treated by Skynet Kuching. To cut the story short, we solved it via KPDNNK. 

RM4 Mix Curry Rice @ Great Day Demak Laut. With economy this bad, this might be the best place for lunch. This uncle has other food that are delicious too. 

Ngo hiam @ Great Day Demak Laut. 

Hello Steve !!!! Love to see your great energy in class. Thanks for dropping by. 

TJ Delight pizza is more delicious than Tom's . Try it and tell me that I'm wrong. Haha. 

Bro with his "friend" #1

Bro with his "friend" #2

My partner in crime.. fighting for hand.. hahahaha.  

Now, have you ever wondered why do you even read this crap post? hahahaha. Byeeeee.. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Gym - Bowling Center in Kuching

There are times when I just feel like lazing around, without doing anything with a blank mind. 
My parents are messy. Ignore the background. 
 If you haven't already known, there was a period of time where DaddyMummy were gym-less. So, this is the place where we all workout for sometimes together.. Haha. 
Uncle Ling shows me magic.  
Many many #SelfieWefieFiefie thanks to Vivi. 
Mummy Monkey behind me. 
Look.. few more monkeys behind me. 

Who is the coolest among all? 

Without smile, I'm still the cutest. 

Aunty Vivi with Monkey at the back. 

Who is that crazy woman behind? 

Smile for the album. Hehehe.

Spot the cutest.

Everyone loves baby loves Aunties

Our bowling shoes.
When are we hanging out again? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

TheHub's Birthday Dinner

Thanks to Corina for theHub's birthday dinner. Kesian her need to pay for my share also though it is not my birthday. Hahahaha.. Thank you Coco. Sorry, No Guilt Cafe is definitely not in our list until they improve. 
My favourite photo so far. #MummyBabyBondingTime
We all know it was frustrating communicating with the lady during your order. You almost rolled your eyes out with the oh-so-many-choices-in-the-menu-but-everything-no-stock. Hahahaha !! 
The foursome of us. 
Discovered my poor baby got some mosquitoes bite on her hand cos she was like rubbing her hand many many times. :( 
Mosquito bite hand hand itchy. 
I'm a clown to my baby. I need to make her laugh and smile but without feeling shy, especially in public. Even if baby ignores me or never or seldom called me Mami.. I still need to make her happy. Motherhood has really changed me. Trying things I have never done. Doing things that I would have never wanted to do. #Life
Joker is my new job. 
 and it is all worth it when she showed the world a smile, or even a smirk. People always say, 3 minutes glory on stage, 10 years hard work off the stage (台上三分钟,-台下十年功). Okay. At least mine not yet 10 years la.. but similar already ok. Cos you see.. she doesn't smile for 3 minutes continuously. She only smirk for like 3 seconds, ok. less than that.. maybe half a second if you see it. So, you do the calculation lo. Hahaha. 
Mini Sin
 The gathering is more about a little update about us. Nothing much. Not about work. Not about food. Just about life. Thank you once again Coco. I hope you enjoy our companion because we know you are not happy with No Guilt Cafe. HAHAHA !! 

Ok. Boring life goes on with the following.. not in order once again. 

Hello colorful lunchbox.. prepared by TheHub. Life is good when all you need to do is just eat without having to prepare anything. This is just like the fairy tales you read when you were small. But little did we know that the tales did not end there. How do you know they are happily ever after ler?? Haaaaaa...... #ToBeContinued .. wakakaka.. 
Brocolli, Chicken, Carrot, Mushrooms..

Life is almost about food, because if we don't eat, we have no energy. If we have no energy, we cannot blog. #Crap
Eating Salmon Sashimi at home. 

These are the things I carry almost everyday. #SuperSlave
Slave Mode.
 Side View if you did not see the pumping bag I carry. Haha. See.. i'm surrounded by bags. #SuperSlave
I used to carry no bag or only one bag.. but now....
Ok. Tomorrow story more. #kthxbye

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Walking Down The Memory Lanes

Memory lanes. It has to be plural because there are so many things that I want to share in one post. There are times when I am down. There are times when I wanted to pack my bags and leave. There are times when I just wanna lay on my bean bag not doing anything.. and of course there are times that I am feeling blessed. So instead of ranting about the bad things.. I have tons of photos to share in just one post. All the photos are not according to dates. I will just caption each and everyone of them, for as long as I remember what happened back then. Hahaha. 

1. Last Saturday
We added something interest to our crib. Always wanted to buy the machine with these capsules but whenever we thought of the cost of this. We back out. It just so happened that we a promotion at The Spring with the hiaopo asking if Sin wanted to have a coffee at the center court so we went to have a look. Plusssss.. it was his birthday month and in order to use the RM50 parkson voucher, we need to buy something that cost more than RM250. 

A tray of Nescafe Dolce Gusto Tea Latte

2. Supper with the yummilicious Tea Latte and Chocolate Pancake. 
 3. Breakfast most of the days now. Oat bran with SinRoseLittleFamily. 

4. Sent Note 7 to Samsung Service Center Kuching but got rejected without even checking on my phone. Complaint and somehow i got a loan unit of Note 5 from them. Thanks. It was life saver. #GoodByeNote7
Note 7 Roller Coaster
 5. Random days in office selfie-ing with baby. Now you know why most of the time i syiok sendiri. Cos my baby will ignore me most of the time. hahaha. 
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3
 Actually more photos were taken but these are the best 3 I have.

6. From one of the friends over the Whatsapp Group. 
Explosive Note 7 back then.
 7. Just baby and her dramas.
Biting fingers most of the time now. 

Emo baby

and then this face.

Smiley face. 


Just her and her roller coaster mood. 

finally a good photo of me and her.

I want that phoneeeee !!

Give me that phone !!!!

Cute baby and daddy. Ugly mummy nvm.

She loves her daddy. 

Enough of that mummy. 

Escapeeeee !!!! 
Wahahahaha.. okaaayyy.. enough for todayyyyy... more photo posts coming up. Thanks to blogger.. Now i can post and delete my photosssss.. 

Have a great Saturday ^.^