Thursday, November 10, 2016

BodyAttack Classes at TheGymBoxKuching

It was a spontaneous idea by The Combat Team to have a photoshoot of us days before the relaunch of BodyAttack 94. The trio and their efforts. Thank you Saiful, Budi and Deena.. and not forgetting thank you Gym Box for the nice place for us to snap pictures. Woohoohoo.. Super love this edited photos of Sharon and myself.  
Photos captured by The GymBox BodyCombat Team and edited by Sifu Budi.. thank you a lot guys <3 
And today, or was it yesterday.. since it's 12:22am now.. haha.. initially I wanted to try RPM, and then I felt like doing Piloxing. As I was on my way to the front desk to get an attendance card, without much thoughts, I requested for Yoga card. Hahaha.. and off I went to stretch and bend and ouch myself for an hour. As much as I wanted to sweat (a lot), but somehow, Yoga makes my mind calm, clear and relax. Thank you Jennifer for the great class. 
My shoes and the newly added backdrop of The Gym Box. Very nice hor.. 

FULL HOUSE in Box 3 today for Sharon's 7.30pm class !!! Woohoohoo... Awesome energy in the class. 
Members enjoying their moment with Cikgu Sharon.
 Doing workout alone and doing workout together is very much different. Seeing another person with great energy makes you want to push yourself more.. and we directly and indirectly motivate each other. That's the energy, the passion and the love of doing workout together. 
Everyone's favourite track: Pour Some Sugar On Me, Track 9, Release 82.
 Box 3 sticker is upppp.. and it is so beautiful.. so guys.. if you are looking for high energy workout, do give BodyAttack class a try. We have smart start, where  you can start doing the first five tracks for the first time. Slowly you can increase the number of tracks in a class, or we would love to see you doing full class with options available.. because BodyAttack is for everyone. I did BodyAttack when I was pregnant.. and I only stop doing BodyAttack when I was 7 months pregnant. Hahaha.. so if I can do it, you can too. 
Beautiful piece of art. #Box3 at #TheGymBoxKuching
Now. We have 4 classes per week. No excuse not to try it.

Mondays : 8.30am | 6.30pm
Wednesdays: 7.30pm
Saturdays: 9.30am

Exercise helps beat depression, helps your joints, and your back.

Keep it tight. Focus on form. Hit every rep. 

 That’s how you reach your fitness goals.

See you at Gym Box !!

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