Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Gym - Bowling Center in Kuching

There are times when I just feel like lazing around, without doing anything with a blank mind. 
My parents are messy. Ignore the background. 
 If you haven't already known, there was a period of time where DaddyMummy were gym-less. So, this is the place where we all workout for sometimes together.. Haha. 
Uncle Ling shows me magic.  
Many many #SelfieWefieFiefie thanks to Vivi. 
Mummy Monkey behind me. 
Look.. few more monkeys behind me. 

Who is the coolest among all? 

Without smile, I'm still the cutest. 

Aunty Vivi with Monkey at the back. 

Who is that crazy woman behind? 

Smile for the album. Hehehe.

Spot the cutest.

Everyone loves baby loves Aunties

Our bowling shoes.
When are we hanging out again? 

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