Tuesday, November 15, 2016

TheHub's Birthday Dinner

Thanks to Corina for theHub's birthday dinner. Kesian her need to pay for my share also though it is not my birthday. Hahahaha.. Thank you Coco. Sorry, No Guilt Cafe is definitely not in our list until they improve. 
My favourite photo so far. #MummyBabyBondingTime
We all know it was frustrating communicating with the lady during your order. You almost rolled your eyes out with the oh-so-many-choices-in-the-menu-but-everything-no-stock. Hahahaha !! 
The foursome of us. 
Discovered my poor baby got some mosquitoes bite on her hand cos she was like rubbing her hand many many times. :( 
Mosquito bite hand hand itchy. 
I'm a clown to my baby. I need to make her laugh and smile but without feeling shy, especially in public. Even if baby ignores me or never or seldom called me Mami.. I still need to make her happy. Motherhood has really changed me. Trying things I have never done. Doing things that I would have never wanted to do. #Life
Joker is my new job. 
 and it is all worth it when she showed the world a smile, or even a smirk. People always say, 3 minutes glory on stage, 10 years hard work off the stage (台上三分钟,-台下十年功). Okay. At least mine not yet 10 years la.. but similar already ok. Cos you see.. she doesn't smile for 3 minutes continuously. She only smirk for like 3 seconds, ok. less than that.. maybe half a second if you see it. So, you do the calculation lo. Hahaha. 
Mini Sin
 The gathering is more about a little update about us. Nothing much. Not about work. Not about food. Just about life. Thank you once again Coco. I hope you enjoy our companion because we know you are not happy with No Guilt Cafe. HAHAHA !! 

Ok. Boring life goes on with the following.. not in order once again. 

Hello colorful lunchbox.. prepared by TheHub. Life is good when all you need to do is just eat without having to prepare anything. This is just like the fairy tales you read when you were small. But little did we know that the tales did not end there. How do you know they are happily ever after ler?? Haaaaaa...... #ToBeContinued .. wakakaka.. 
Brocolli, Chicken, Carrot, Mushrooms..

Life is almost about food, because if we don't eat, we have no energy. If we have no energy, we cannot blog. #Crap
Eating Salmon Sashimi at home. 

These are the things I carry almost everyday. #SuperSlave
Slave Mode.
 Side View if you did not see the pumping bag I carry. Haha. See.. i'm surrounded by bags. #SuperSlave
I used to carry no bag or only one bag.. but now....
Ok. Tomorrow story more. #kthxbye

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