Saturday, November 12, 2016

Walking Down The Memory Lanes

Memory lanes. It has to be plural because there are so many things that I want to share in one post. There are times when I am down. There are times when I wanted to pack my bags and leave. There are times when I just wanna lay on my bean bag not doing anything.. and of course there are times that I am feeling blessed. So instead of ranting about the bad things.. I have tons of photos to share in just one post. All the photos are not according to dates. I will just caption each and everyone of them, for as long as I remember what happened back then. Hahaha. 

1. Last Saturday
We added something interest to our crib. Always wanted to buy the machine with these capsules but whenever we thought of the cost of this. We back out. It just so happened that we a promotion at The Spring with the hiaopo asking if Sin wanted to have a coffee at the center court so we went to have a look. Plusssss.. it was his birthday month and in order to use the RM50 parkson voucher, we need to buy something that cost more than RM250. 

A tray of Nescafe Dolce Gusto Tea Latte

2. Supper with the yummilicious Tea Latte and Chocolate Pancake. 
 3. Breakfast most of the days now. Oat bran with SinRoseLittleFamily. 

4. Sent Note 7 to Samsung Service Center Kuching but got rejected without even checking on my phone. Complaint and somehow i got a loan unit of Note 5 from them. Thanks. It was life saver. #GoodByeNote7
Note 7 Roller Coaster
 5. Random days in office selfie-ing with baby. Now you know why most of the time i syiok sendiri. Cos my baby will ignore me most of the time. hahaha. 
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3
 Actually more photos were taken but these are the best 3 I have.

6. From one of the friends over the Whatsapp Group. 
Explosive Note 7 back then.
 7. Just baby and her dramas.
Biting fingers most of the time now. 

Emo baby

and then this face.

Smiley face. 


Just her and her roller coaster mood. 

finally a good photo of me and her.

I want that phoneeeee !!

Give me that phone !!!!

Cute baby and daddy. Ugly mummy nvm.

She loves her daddy. 

Enough of that mummy. 

Escapeeeee !!!! 
Wahahahaha.. okaaayyy.. enough for todayyyyy... more photo posts coming up. Thanks to blogger.. Now i can post and delete my photosssss.. 

Have a great Saturday ^.^ 

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