Friday, December 09, 2016

Why You Should Not Get Angry?

Who doesn't get angry? It is the matter of how you control your emotion. Typing this does not make me a saint who do not get angry, neither am I good at controlling my emotions. I threw temper most of the time too. Ask my sis. I pity her sometimes cos I am younger and she bears with me most of the time. T_T

Ok. Why one should not get angry? I know it is easier said than done. Before I type this blog post. I was at super mad emotion, but still under control. I speak the normal way to people, just that without smile. People who know me acting this way will try to avoid or continue talking to me until the right time.

So, what did I do when I was at very bad mood a while ago?

I was angry. I put everything aside (including my baby to someone she trusted and feels comfortable with). I hopped into the car and drive to my favourite drinking place. (Not the alcohol type ok? Like the poslajuman said, I've bertaubat. Hahaha. That is going to be another story next time.) I bought 3 cups of my favourite Teh C Peng Special and I drank all in the shortest period. I felt good. Satisfied.

I regretted about it minutes later.


Reasons :-

1) My gum is crying. I remember dentist told me it's not about my tooth / teeth. My gum starts to become sensitive after I gave birth to my baby. I had a filling on my tooth. I have a story about the filling too. The 38poh in me needs a place to blaaahhh..

2) How many calories did I just consume??? I need to do 3 BodyAttack classes in order to burn those calories !!!

3) How much fuel did I just wasted for driving from my place to this place and back to my place??

So why get angry, felt happy for less than 5 minutes and then regret later?

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