Friday, December 08, 2017

How To Cook Rice with Thermomix?

Hello December 2017 💗

How have you all been? It has really been a while since I last came into my own blog until I need to find a Thermomix Recipe I once posted. Very grateful for the invention of blog.

Today, I brought my Thermomix to office and I wanted to cook rice with minimal effort. So, I googled many recipes and many showed How To Cook Rice with Thermomix TM5 instead of TM31.

Mine is the older version and many online recipes are for TM5. So, here's one of the many recipes I found online on How To Cook Rice with TM31. Haha..


200g Bario Rice ( I read online that Basmati Rice is also using the same recipe. Will try that next time)
900g Water ( I mixed 650g of Hot Water with 250g of Tap Water)

My Methods:-

Put in Simmering Basket and measure the amount of rice you want to cook. In this case, I only use 200g Rice. You can put in more but I read the max you can put is 400g. I have never tried. So I think to be safe, you put in 300g and see how is the outcome before you try 400g.

Take out the Simmering Basket and Wash the rice with water tap. Then put the basket back in TM bowl. Reset the scale and pour water into the TM bowl.

Set 15 mins, Varoma, Speed 4 

and Taaadaaaahhh !!!

Happy Rice-ing... I mean Thermomixing .. haha..

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thermomix Recipe : Homemade Chicken Nuggets

We were fortunate to have few days of holidays last few days beginning of June (initally wanted to blog earlier this month but I didn't have the time) , so #GermanMaid (the Thermomix) together with #TansMaid (yours truly) decided to mess up the kitchen. This time, we decided to do Chicken Nuggets for our #SinRoseLittleOne. 

I love it when the ingredients are just a few. By few I mean less than eight (8) including the things like garlic and pepper and onions. Haha..

So, these are my ingredients for Homemade Chicken Nuggets.

536g Skinless Chicken Breast Meat

2 potatoes about 192g.

Skin peeled and cut into cubes. From 192g to 159g. Woaahh.. the skin peeled was around 33g.

100g Nestle Corn Flakes

and another 100g

and another 100g.. 

Ok. I am just kidding.. just 100g of Cornflakes overall. Those were additional photos taken..Hahaha. 

and then 6 pieces of Devondale Low Fat Cheese slices, about 152g without plastic.

The original recipe should be 150g Grated Cheese, but our grated cheese spoilt. So we replaced it with Cheese slices. 

2 tsp of Salt, bout 7g. 

1/2 tsp of Black Pepper

Only 6 ingredients, including salt and pepper. 

1) Blitz Cornflakes

~ Turbo, 2 seconds ~
and then pour out and set aside.

2) Next, Blitz Potatoes.

** Turbo, 5 seconds **

3) Add in Chicken Meat to mince. 

~ 5 seconds, Speed 10 ~

Put back cornflakes powder. 
Add Cheese, Salt and Pepper to mix well.
~ 10 seconds, Speed 10 ~

4) Shape nuggets and pan fry with cooking oil. 
Ours, we don't have the normal shape thingy, hence our Gingerbreadman shaped nuggets. Hahaha. 

The nuggets look weird with the cheese slices. I guess they will look better with grated cheese. 

They look like they have some kind of skin disorders. 

Here are from the oven baked nuggets. 

Even the dark color ones look like they have skin disorders. Hahaha.. 
Could it be too much oil? 

No racism please... 

The remaining, we made nugget balls. 

and someone wanted to have some. Haha.. 

But Mami said, photo first then eat.. So, she waited patiently (for a while, only.. haha)

I would want to try this again. With grated cheese. I guess it will tastes better kot. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thermomix Recipe : Chwee Kueh

Someone has been pestering me to make him Chwee Kueh. He has even bought the mould last year expecting this full time working wife and mother to feed him the food he wanted to eat. I have been very reluctant because Chwee Kueh is something that I am not fancy but I do not mind eating. Hahaha.. So, yesterday, when we were doing groceries shopping, it was very random. I took out my phone and started to find Thermomix Chwee Kueh Recipe. I got this from facebook. 

And so, we some of the ingredients that we thought we didn't have at home. 

Rice Flour 200g

Corn Flour 20g

Save one bowl to wash. So Corn Flour put together with Rice Flour . Haha.

Oil 20g but I used EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
1000g Water
another 1000g for Steaming later on. 

Here are the steps:-
Pour 1000g of Water into TM Bowl. 

and put everything above into TM bowl. 6 mins, 80 degrees, Speed 4.  

Prepare the mould by applying some cooking oil on them. 
TheHub only bought 10. So I need to do 2 rounds. 

80 degrees, Speed 4, counting down.

The outcome. 

Pour them into the mould. Time to go for shopping again. We need more moulds you know? Hahaha..

 25 minutes, Varoma, Speed 2

While waiting for the rice cake, I have about 20 minutes to prepare the condiments ingredients. 

55g Garlic . The weight shown is including bowl. Haha.. 

3 tbsp of Sugar. I use Organic Cane Sugar. 

It should be roughly 40-45g. 

2 tsp Corn Flour

20g EVOO.

150g Minced Preserved Radish. 

Getting ingredients ready, while waiting for rice cake to finish steam. 

Once it is ready, Garlics in. 5 seconds, Speed 5. 

Add in Cooking Oil, 

And Preserved Radish to saute. 4 minutes, Varoma, Spoon Speed

Next, add in 50g Water, 1 tsp Dark Soy Sauce, 
20g Corn Flour, 3 tbsp Sugar,
3 minutes, Varoma, Spoon Speed. 

If you prefer spicy, you can even add on chilies.
If you like dried shrimp, you also can add them in. 
I have forgotten to add on some mushroom to make them even tastier. (I guess)

The instructions say, let them cool down before flip them over. 

My end product. 

Would be better if I have some spring onions to put on top of them. 

Or probably some cut chilies.

My first time doing Chwee Kueh. theHub said these are pretty delicious. 
But.. to me, macam not the Chwee Kueh I had ages ago ler. Hahaha. 

The next day, which is this morning. I prepared the remaining nine. 
Those ingredients can make 19. TheHub had 9 last night. I had 1. So, these are the leftovers from The Supper, which became the breakfast this morning. Haha. 

Prepared myself a cup of Hot Milo while waiting for theHub and Baby to wake up. 

I prefer it this way. More condiments on top. So I flipped everything over and rearrange them. Hahaha. 

Alright. That's it for now. Have a great long weekend for those who are in Sarawak. 
Selamat Hari Gawai to those who are celebrating. Selamat Berpuasa to those who are fasting. 
Most important, have good days.

See you in June.