Friday, January 20, 2017

A Date With theHub

Thanks to Sis, both of us have a few hours of free time to have a date. It wasn't planned. We were at the Spring to get our groceries done. TheHub suggested we should grab something to eat before we pick up our little devil. 

As usual, I will let theHub decides what is for our dinner. He will normally order salmon sashimi in Japanese restaurant, be it in chain restaurant or our local Japanese restaurant. Seaweed is something that he will order if he is 5% more hungry than usual time. hahaha.

Yellowtail sashimi, one of his loves. 

So, while waitinggggg... we haven't been doing this for super long time lo... Selfie/Wefie/Fiefie timeeeee... with our fugly faces. Hahaha.. 

White Maguro Sashimi on the left, Yellowtail Sashimi on the right. Two of his loves, other than Salmon Sashimi.

While I was searching for white maguro texture, to my surprise, there are many links showing "Sushi lovers should be aware of White Tuna / White Maguro" .. like wth.. we have been eating this with no fear all this while. Suddenly all these links showing the danger of White Maguro O.o Now, I have homework for theHub to give me a summary if we should be eating this on our next visit to Japanese Restaurant. 

Overcooked beef noodles. T_T 
Not sure if our cooking skills upgraded, or the chef at Sakae Sushi's skill downgraded. It cannot be our skills upgraded because we have no skill at all weii... so, it should be the latter. Even the service is no longer as friendly as it used to be.

Note to self: Remember not to order the same beef noodles again in the future. Should we be craving for beef noodles, there are many other better beef noodles out there at Kopitiam. Haha.

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