Thursday, January 19, 2017

Baby's Instant Food

Visited our doctor for Baby's vaccination yesterday and I was told because Athena is a breastfeeding baby so her weight is not going to increase if I continue to breastfeed her. :( As if being a mom is hard enough. Not getting support from people around you makes a Mom's life even harder. I have been told how breastmilk is no longer needed by a baby after a month, after 2 months, after 3 months and even up till today I am still being told I should stop breastfeeding. I don't talk about this with any other people other than my bm-mate cos only breastfeeding moms understand each other. Stubborn, is the word I often hear. Yes. I stubborn because I want to give the best for my baby. Do you think I enjoy not sleeping because sometimes I need to pump? I don't want to argue with you what my breastmilk can do to my baby, but all I can tell you is, my baby is healthy being a breastfeeding baby. I am glad that I am still able to provide her some milk, though not much. She is good. She is active. She is evil. I do not see what is wrong with my breastmilk, like seriously. I did not force you to drink my milk, why la you want to comment on my baby's food ler? Unless you have secretly tasted my milk without me knowing? 

Ok. So next you want to say my breastmilk doesn't have this and that now right? So, what about this? We bought her Baby's #1 Brand for Iron. Gerber Oatmeal & Banana Cereal. 

I am not sure how much must I feed her, but I know after I feed her this bowl, if she wants more, she will ask for more. Otherwise, what I fed her should be enough for her "that time" consumption. 

Thi is very suitable for busy mummies who do not have much time to prepare food for their babies. Grab a bowl, pour some cereal in. Add a little hot water and some water. Then stir. 

If you feel it is too watery, just add some more cereal and stir.

Now.. feed your baby anytime they want it. Bahahaha.. We bought lots of other food for her. We did not starve her. Her weight does not increase most probably due to she is being active walking around, carrying this and that. She workout too, don't play play. 

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