Monday, January 23, 2017

Best Baby's Diapers

If you ask me which baby diapers brand is the best for babies, I do not have an answer though I have a baby who is now coming to 17 months. Every baby is different. What is best for my baby, doesn't mean that particular brand of diapers suit yours. Some babies have more sensitive skins, some are just good for any brand. Sin and I have tested many brands of diapers for our baby. Mostly, we got Athena the TAPE Type of diapers. But recently, as she grew older, we discovered it is easier to use PANTS type for her. So there we went to buy few types of diapers to test on her. 

Initially I took some other brands like Diapex and Pampers, but after calculating how much per piece, I ended up with Japanese brands of diapers. Merries and MamyPoko, both made in Japan. Becoming a mother also makes me stopped at diapers area at most of the supermarkets / hypermarkets to have a look at what promotion they have on that particular month. How much per piece for the brands that I'm looking at, how many pieces, any additional gifts, is it cheaper if I buy today, and the list goes on. 

When Athena was few months old, Merries is only for Night use cos it is expensive. Too expensive for frequent changing. Hahaha. But as she grew older, the frequency of diapers changing is less, we will buy this brand for her Day use. We do notice that Merries is better for her skin too.

I also chose the Pants Type for her to try this time. As she grew older, she cannot lay down long for her slaves to clean her up and change a new piece for her. She will be wailing, turning and do whatever she can just not to let you change her although she has been feeling uncomfortable. So Pants type is the best solution. 

How much is Merries Diapers per piece for L size? 

TAPE type : RM62.50 for 54 pieces = RM1.16 per piece

PANTS type: RM34.90 (Original Price is RM41.90 less RM7 discount) for 27 pieces = RM1.29 per piece.

Another reason for buying two types of diapers is that FREE cute red packets for those who buy RM88 and above. Not that I need so many angpow packets, just that if there is something free for you, why not right?

Japan Quality MamyPoko Pants Standard @ RM34.80 - RM4.90 
= RM29.90 for 48+4 pieces, so one piece is RM0.58

We also got this MamyPoko Maxi Absorb @ RM29.60 for 38 pieces. 
Free Small Packet of 9 pieces. That makes one piece is only RM0.63 instead of RM0.78

Last but not least in our cart yesterday was this MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft. It says Cotton Like Feeling for baby.. and because of its New Color Design, PINK it is, so I grabbed a pack of this. Hahaha.. 
RM35.69-RM2.79 = RM32.90 for 28 pieces. 
One piece = RM1.18

As for wipes, I like Diapex Soft Baby Wipes for its quality and its price. 
80 sheets per pack x 2 = RM8.99 <-- this is promotion price though and I only grabbed packets of this when I saw them at promo price. If it is at its normal price, I will normally go for alternatives. 

Overall damage for Diapers and Wipes only at Survey Hypermarket 

But on the brighter side, we managed to save RM18.51 . You know how every cent counts when you are parents to your kids. Jimat sikit sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit ma... Hahahaha. 

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