Monday, January 16, 2017

Doses of Happiness

Daily dose of happiness, is what I needed the most now. Oriental Park Red Kolo Mee, with its soup and must have cilipadi as "side dish".. with a glass of Teh C Peng Special.. woohooo.. 

not a piece of noodle is left on the bowl.. haven't been eating this as much as I used to. :( 

Souvenirs from Japan from Abg Jo and Helena.. thank you so much dearies. 

Lunch box from theHub. 

The famous and must eat in Kuching food.
Aladin Cafe's Chicken Rice and Porridge... and must ask for their signature chili sauce.. not in the photo cos at the time I took this photo, the sauce has not been served.. oh oh.. and not forgetting their soup too. Alost not the photo cos it was served later. >.< 

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