Friday, January 13, 2017

Gloomy Days for Sarawakians

A day I will always remember. 11th January, Sarawak Chief Minister, Adenan Satem passed away. :( I did not know why and I still do not know why am I being so sad over someone who is not even any related to me. He was our CM, and will always have a place in our hearts. Google his name and you will find all the things he did for us Sarawakians. Thank you TokNan.

On an unrelated note, I was at Vivacity Mall yesterday and before we make payment at autopay machine, we entered MPH Bookstore to buy a book by famous blogger, Cheesie. I have been reading for a very long time and I cannot say I am her number fans after I finished reading her book. She has many fans who deserved to be called her number onesssss fansss.. Pardon my grammar but she is really one down to earth blogger I really admire. I admire everything about her. She is a mum of two and she even have time to blog, and now she is an author of her book. Like OMG !!!  How did she even do it? I cannot even handle my one baby and she is like really SuperPokeMOMgo lo. 

Buying her book to read doesn't mean I want to make a living blogging. I know I cannot. Simply because I am living in Kuching and opportunities in Kuching.. I shall just say.. nothing.. hahaha..   I want to know more about Cheesie and how did she do all the things that I do not think i can even make it. Spending RM29.90 on this book which took me less than a day to finish is so shocking to my husband and even myself. I have never, NEVER finished reading a book. This is one interesting book that kept me reading before I sleep.. and the first thing I opened up my eyes is to bring this book to my pumping station.. and even into the car to read when I was a passenger in the car. Not sure if I am starting to become a bookworm because we are trying to get Athena to start reading, so in order to get her to start to read, as parents we need to read in front of them (Monkey see, monkey do), or I just want to 38 on her life. I guess it is more on the latter. Hahahaha !!! 

I am not lending anyone this book. Grab your own copy to support her. At least I think the money spent on this book is worth every cent. You can get some cheesie stories not shared in her blog in this book. Grab a copy now. Hehehehe.. 


  1. sorry for sarawak's loss. </3

    you changed the layout of this site! O: i was pretty shocked when it loaded and it was so vastly different(!) hehe. happy new year, rose and beautiful baby athena! x

    1. helloooo... it has been a while since i last blogged cos i sort of jinx my blog by thinking i can edit this and that and in the end some of the things didn't work in my previous wordpress platform. I got discouraged and it took me quite sometimes to actually host it at blogger. Not much effort. I just choose a template and I haven't got time to choose the one i really like. So ya.. for now I will just leave it as it is. Haha..

      thanks for dropping by.. i thought no one is reading my crapblog already.. hahaha..

      Happy new year to you tooooooo....