Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hairbeauron Straightening Iron from Number76

When I was a kid, seeing a postman is like seeing a Santa Claus. I would get very excited when I knew they are coming in motorcycles with two big bags behind them and a stack of documents in front of them. I would wait for them to pass me the letters. I would see one by one. It was an excitement at first , but later it became disappointment because who on earth will send letters / packages to a little girl right? However, I was very hopeful until certain of time. 

Although I know what is inside the box, I still get very excited when I open it, step by step. Hahaha. 

Thanks to Caroline for being so thoughtful to bring them for wrapping. The box is a bit too big for these two items though. Or the white Styrofoam is too little for this box? Hahahaha..

Unboxing Unwrapping timeeee... 
here it is... Hairbeauron Straightener by Lumielina..
 The tool that is said to make your hair MORE BEAUTIFUL.. 
even the packaging is so beautiful. After I snapped photos, I put them back into the box and the plastic that comes with it. Hahahaha.

No time for trimming and not going for trimming until after CNY because many salons increase their price a month before Lunar New Year. I always wanted to ask the salons. Why increase before CNY? Why during other festives, like Gawai, Hari Raya and Christmas, they have promotions? Can someone please enlighten me? :( 

Anyways.. Hairbeauron Straightener is said to make your hair healthier too. I haven't tried but I just need to share with you my excitement for getting this magic tool that I hope will do my hair good because I have never heard that a straightener can improves the quality of my hair after the rebonding / straightening session. 

Future Beautism !! 
You claim till like that I very shy one wo.. hahahaha..

Some say.. after you give birth, your hair will fall until you can collect them to make wigs. I am not sure if my hair is falling to that extend but I was encouraged not to do rebonding until I have more hair, which.. no one has any idea when that will be.. Luckily, Hairbeauron is suitable for all type of hair, even for those with damaged hair or aging or my kind of hair. 

(sing it like nursery rhyme London bridge is falling down) 
I got a LUCKY BAG.. 
Lucky Bag, 
Lucky Bag.. 
I got a lucky bag, 
that will make you envy. 

As curious as you are, here are the things inside my lucky bag. I got to know about Fukubukuro, or known as lucky bag / mystery bag, during my first visit to Japan. TheHub said it is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. Lucky Bag is only sold on New Year in Japan. We were lucky enough to grab some lucky bags especially sports attires from Japan during our trips to Japan (long time ago). 

And for this Lucky Bag, I got it for spending more than RM888 at Number76. Not for any hair services or treatment, but for buying a tool. Hohoho. I like Japanese and the way they do business. Hohoho.

and I gave up taking photos after Athena tried numerously attacking my the items I put nicely for phototaking purpose. Her persistence makes me feel that I am a bad mummy for ignoring her. So I let her play my "toys". 

Did you notice what is missing? She grabbed the tote bag and threw it to the side and continue grabbing the rest of my "toys" on bean bag. 

3 red packets thrown. More stuffs for her to throw. 

Warranty Card.. Haha.. no idea what it says but I see my name and date purchased. 

User manual. 
How many actually read them before using? Hahaha !! 

While Athena was busy destroying / throwing my things away.. I managed to snap another photo of  my tool. So white.. so beautiful.. Can't wait for CNY to use this.


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