Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My First Appearance at The Gym Box

[[ by @Athena.SinRoseLittleOnes ]]
Today's blog post is by yours cutie. Miahahaha..

I was the first attacker to arrive on a beautiful Sunday morning two days ago at The Gym Box. So, now I know. this is where mummy go everytime she put me to Irene.E.e. Finally I got the chance to visit the gym because E.e was not free to take care of me, so was my nai nai.. So PapiMami have no choice but to bring me along. Hohoho. I also got dress up for class one ok? #BabyOOTD.

Mami gave me tutorial before class. Practicing before class starts. 

I can even do BodyBalance / Yoga pose. 

Introducing to you my PapiMami and yours cutie after our BodyAttack class. #EasyClass for me. I need more extreme one, Mami. You see even Papi is not sweating, Mami.. I believe Mami can do better than this right? *walks away whistling*


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