Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Breastmilk Donation

When you have extra breastmilk and you posted on social media, people praised you. People made jokes bout you. People expect you to donate since you have extras. People have lots of expectations and recommendations from your breastmilk. I take compliments. Hohoho. 

I have donated some of  my breastmilk. Not trying to be kind cos I am not kind in nature. Hahaha. Just that I got the news that some mummies and their babies really in need of my breastmilk. When I donate, I donated the latest ones. I kept the older batches for my own baby. Not that my older stocks are not fresh, just that I was told the babies in need, their mummies prefer fresher breastmilk. Whatever it is, I just donate without much thought. When I donated not much for some mummies, they returned boxes of breastmilk storage bags as a token of appreciation. I often declined but they insisted so I just pumped more milk by using the storage bags given. In case you didn't know, breastmilk storage bags is EXPENSIVE for plastic bags. For the average bags, one box of 25 pieces is often sold at RM14. So one piece is about RM0.55. You would think that only 55cents ma.. why so calculative? It is for your baby afterall what. Yes yes yes. But in long term, it is not cheap. Not that we cannot afford, just that, is it worth to buy? If there is an alternative, would you consider finding that alternative? Have you ever been in PumpingMummy's shoes? 

Donating breastmilk is not a must. Sometimes we posted about how much we donated is not a show off. It is just like you posted a photo of yourself with someone or something or somewhere that you want to remember in future. 
Photo from here.

Happy baby, happy mummy.
Happy donor, happy donee.
Photo from here.
But at times, you can't help but to feel unhappy about some mummies who got your breastmilk donation but never feel appreciative. When your baby is in need of breastmilk, you requested. You got it. Your baby drank it. Not only you do not feel appreciative towards the donors, but you also seems like "so what, you have extras what. If you don't give it to me, also wasted what" kinda attitude. 

No madam, if I do not donate to you, I can donate to other babies in need. If there are no babies in need, I can just let my baby drink it. If my baby can't finish it on time before the expiry, I can shower my baby with my breastmilk !! 

Maybe you do not understand. It is not the quantities that matter most. Of course the quantity matters, every drop matters but what matter most is THE EFFORT to pump. Do you know how much sleep I had for those breastmilk I donated to you?


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