Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Goodbye My One & Only Breast Pump Bag

This is breast pump bag that I got during my confinement. That was like 17 months ago, more or less. 

I like the design. I like it because theHub can carry it without feeling feminine. Hahaha. 

But unfortunately, the bag has aged. Not only on the outside.

But also on the inside :( 

Those stickers.. hahaha.. those were the labels i stick on my pumping storage bottles and also on the breastmilk storage bags. My waktu gemilang. Those were the days. 

I have not stopped production. Just that I have decreased my pumping sessions from many many times a day to maximun 3 times per day and automatically, my production also reduce. 

Probably it is time to get some branded bag.. than a pumping bag. HA.HA.HA. 

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