Thursday, February 02, 2017

I Got My Gucci Bamboo at Sephora

It has been reeaaaal loooongg since I last stepped in Sephora Kuching. My last purchase was ....... 
(digs Instagram because there is no way I can remember the date)

Yes !! Found !!! .. 
1st September 2014 !!! Two months before our #SinRoseAsOne11

There was no need for all these after one got married.. cos you know.. someone has taken you.. then you don't need to make up to impress that someone already because slowly you will turn into yellow face bitch mode after married !! Hahahahaha !! 

So, what's with the Gucci Bamboo Perfume?

The last I bought a perfume was waaaaayyy loong ago that I couldn't even remember when? I was guessing it was during Vietnam trip few years back. I haven't had a new perfume since then. Not that I really need. I still have other perfume which I have yet to finish but heyy.. no one will complain for more options right? Hehehe. 

So, it was at Taoyuen airport that I saw the perfume but after the conversion, I guess I can get the same thing in KL. Minus the trouble to carry it on board. 

But little did I know that I couldn't get it in KLIA2 because the shops were closed when we arrived early in the morning. I was disappointed but not to the extend I must buy it la cos I don't really need it though. If there is, it's a bonus. However, theHub managed to search online and what is even better is that we can just get it in Kuching, our hometown.

Freebies for buying the exact same thing at Sephora Kuching !! 

Free 8 Red Packets !!

Gucci Bamboo - My January 2017 gift. 

Awaiting for February 2017 gift now (if there's any)
Thank you Hubby for the January 2017 gift.
Thank you in advance for the February 2017 gift. Hahahaha !!!  


  1. Wow! Nice gift. Jealous me! ^^

    Gong xi fa cai to you!!

    1. haha.. once in a blue moon gift.

      GongXiFattChai to you and your loved ones too <3