Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Laneige BB Cushion Whitening SPF50+

Laneige, is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by Amore Pacific. Laneige is created by Amore Pacific in 1994. I am not sure about you but I am curious what makes them named this cosmetics and why. So I googled. The brand name comes from La Neige, which means SNOW in French. Ok. I like the name and its meaning. I like the paperbag too. 

When I was queuing for payment at Parkson counter, I saw a lady with Laneige paperbag. I got excited. I have this thing with paperbags. Who doesn't like nice paperbag when it is given free ? So, I thought I would be given until I received just the plastic bag from Parkson. Disappointed of course. So after payment, Sin asked me to go back to Laneige counter to ask for that paperbag that I want. I did. And here it is.. my Laneige Paperbag. 

This is what I got this time Laneige X Lucky Chouette. If you have been to Laneige counter, you know they have this beautiful boxes on promotions with more free gifts, wrapped beautifully that made you want to bring them home. Yes. I was one of the suckers that cannot NOT BUY if I see them. Hence this Limited Edition Laneige BB Cushion set in the house. Hahaha. 

Without the box unfortunately. I should have asked them to provide me the box too so I can let Athena plays with it. Or put Athena's toys in it. Or probably, make a tabung for her to keep her money in the box. Good idea right? Recycle ma. 
*self reminder: Must remember to get the box next time too, since the promotion itself has this*

Unboxing and here are the contains of what are inside the boxes of RM239. 

1) Laneige BB Cushion has a refill pack that comes together. That means one case with BB Cushion + One Refill for RM159. Actually you can buy online with cheaper price lo, but recently I just don't have the time to do so. It was Parkson Double Bonuslink Day of the month, so might as well la. Some more can get the paperbag for free. HAHAHAHA. 

2) Laneige Limited Edition Owls Serum Drop Tint @ RM80. I'm not a lipstick person but somehow, a sucker just have to buy something and then got this Parkson voucher worth RM30. Hahaha.. 

3) Free Gifts : 
Laneige Water Bank Essense. 
Laneige Oil Free Cleansing Liquid.

4) Tokyo Toy borrowed from Athena <-- HAHAHA 

5) Limited Edition BB Cushion Puff. This one is seriously important because .... (you will know when you scroll down later) 

So, here are the free gifts from the Limited Edition Box. 

My first BB Cushion was this.. also a limited edition. If you are a Laneige products lover, you will also have a set of this.

The reason why you need more BB Cushion Puff is because of this. You might not have appetite seeing what's inside. Hahahahaha !!! I haven't got time to clean up this. Will so do in the near future, or probably tonight la.. I promise.. 

Aaaaahhhh... New pack of 2017 Limited Edition Laneige BB Cushion. 

I have started using this again.. Let's see how long it will last this time. One thing for sure.. my bb cushion puffs will not look like the previous one. Hahahahah !!


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