Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SinRoseLittleFamily Day

Helloooooo Wednesdayyyy !!! Time flies. It is yet another mid week. 
Since I have so many photos on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a good camera phone after my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled back, I might as well post as many photos as I can over in the blog. 

A random Sunday well spent. Good hair day means more selfies / wefie / fiefie. Hahaha.. 

Thanks to Hairbeauron. My hair can never look like Athena's but I'm somewhere near that straight hair. Hahaha. 

It is hard to get her smile. Especially when she is at warm places. 

Look at that "See what see"-kinda face. 

Almost there. After taking like XX-times of selfies.

My baby wanting to act like adult. No baby chair for her. She wanted to be as short  tall as her Mami, so she stood up. 
Ok. You win Athena !! You are definitely taller than Mami now. 

All the failed photos.



Ok. Probably it is easier to take photos of food and drinks. Hahaha..

I just discovered that the Teh-C Peng Special at Oriental Park is good. Next best after the 7th Mile Teh-C Peng Special. hahaha. 

This is one of the best breakfast combination. 
Kuching famous Oriental Park's Kolo Mee with CharSiew Oil, topped with Charcoal BBQ CharSiew and minced meat. Must be eaten together with their cilipadi. 
with a glass of Teh C Peng Special. 
Heavenly goooood. 

Afternoon Tea prepared by #ChefJackyBenson

Miscommunication between theHub and myself. We saw a piece of Salmon Sashimi at Choice 101. I told theHub that I wanted to have Sashimi. So he said let's get a piece of it then. The next thing I know after making our baby sleep in the afternoon, theHub turned the salmon sashimi into this beautiful plate of snack for afternoon tea. 

I still want my Salmon Sashimi pleaseeeeee.. 


  1. Nice wefie. I feel you. Hard to get kids to behave and pose well. I have 3 kids, so triple problem. Haha.

    The Oriental Park teh c peng is nice?? Ok. Must give it a try.

    1. How did you even manage to take care of 3 kids???!!! I am already drained with one. Hahahah.. *salute*

      Yessss.. the Teh C Peng Special there is nice.. ok. 2 out of 3 times I tried. It is good. The other 1/3 it was too sweet though. Probably if you want less sweet, you should inform them. Hehe.