Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Advantages Of Having A Baby

I am sure you have heard lots of things about the disadvantages once you have a baby or babies. There are many things that you might not be able to enjoy once the little human come to the world. That little human whom you have no choice but to love because you just have to. Since it is a fact, why not focus on the some of the pros of having a baby. Hohoho. 

1) Because you have to take care of your baby.. Sometimes, your breakfast will prepared .. and that definitely will brighten up your day. Hehehe. This is mine for today.
♥ Wholemeal bun from Giant 
 ♥ Otak-Otak Sausage from Ta Kiong Supermarket 
 ♥ Scambled Egg 
 Sunnyside Egg 
 ♥ YinYong aka Cham aka Instant Teh Tarik + Nescafe 

2) Bring baby to run errands. Sometimes you will have some luck to have priority first. 😄

But when your baby knows your motive, she is not happy.. hahaha.. 

3) Do whatever you want to your baby, especially to her hair. That is IF she doesn't realize it. Hahaha. 

4) It is okay if you don't look good because people will focus on your baby. Hahaha !! Even if she is not cute, people will still say she is. 

5) More food to order and eat. 
We have more excuse to order more food without feeling guilty. Can always say, I order for baby one. 

6) Hangout with baby friendly friends.
So you can eat with peace when your friends take care of your baby. Hahahaha !! 

Ok. Bye. 

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