Thursday, February 09, 2017

Zu Sakuraitei, Another Japanese Restaurant in Kuching

Ian sent a last minute random dinner invitation in our group chat to dine at Zu Sakuraitei. theHub and I haven't been exploring places in Kuching since we have our little one. It is not easy to bring a baby around with you, especially to dining places. But.. Since Ian was about to leave the next day and we haven't even heard of this Japanese Restaurant before and since we also need to get our dinner fixed, so we joined them for dinner. Haha. 

Upon entering the restaurant, we had the feel that the place feels and looks like Sanga. Very much alike. Even some of the people look alike. So we asked and got confirmation that it is somehow related but not sure how they are related. Whatever it is.. it is the food that we want to know and hope that they are not like some temporary open then close kinda restaurant. Haha. 

Even the menu looks very much similar right? 

We ordered green tea because it is FREE.. and we were surprised when we were served hot and cold green tea. 
Look at the size !!

So small that we have to take few more photos just to prove that the hot ocha cup is really small. 

So small that it is smaller than Sin's fist. 

and then we were served a very beautiful sakura-themed teapot with a bucket of ice. Ooops. 
So guys, don't be too judgemental. We are sorry we were. 

and you know what.. there is different in the green tea. This green tea served to us in pot is very "kao" to the extend both Ernest and I need to add ice into our cup. The ones we normally had at Sanga, it was more like green tea flavoured hot water. But the ocha in Zu Sakuraitei is very Japanese.  

 While waiting for our food to be served.. #Fiefie-ing with my baby. 

I said in my previous post that it is okay for the mami to be ugly in the photos because the focus is on the baby most of the time. Her hair, her eyes, her mouth, her expressions, her OOTD. Hahaha. 

 Some #MeTime when the baby is somewhere at the corner. 

Don't worry. It's a safe corner. Look !! 

Cheers for the new year. Cheers for a better year. Cheers for great companion. Cheers for Ian.

Grace and Ian kinda food. 

 "behind the scene" of active instagrammers. Hahaha. 

Even Athena was getting ready her Samsung 7 Edge to do her job. 

Oops. Being spotted by Ernest. Very camera alert hor.. Hahahaha.

You can't really go wrong with beef in Japanese Restaurant, but to us, the beef here is overcooked. We expect better quality of food though. Huhuhu.

Cha Soba with AgeTofu set. This is good, just that it would be better if wasabi is included in this meal. 

Here's our group photos for the evening. Always good to hang out with them (and the missing ones cos it was too last minute so many couldn't make it. Lucky we did cos it was a good catch up)

Thanks Ian, Ernest and Grace for the photos contributed to this post. Hehehe. 

Come and try at Zu Sakuraitei. Reasonable price for such food and location.

Zu Sakuraitei is located at Ground Floor, Sublot 7,
Lot 12158, Block 16, KCLD, Jalan Song, Kuching. 

in short, it is just located next to Cupella at Jalan Song. 

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