Thursday, March 02, 2017

#AuntyLevel999 When Shopping

Earlier this year, I posted about Baby's Instant Food. And then I read about Cheesie's post on her LunchForSakura. I have been reading her blog since the blogging era (now is facebook and instagram era) so what she wrote I believe and I also follow like she is my goddess. She is btw. I am really impressed by her. Lots of things about her that I like. I like how she took care of her kids too. It is like I'm growing old together with her. Hahaha. Anyways.. back to baby's food. She wrote about Nestle Cerelac products so I gave it a try. 

There are only 2 choices in the store that I bought. One is Rice, for 6 months and above. The other is this, Wheat & Honey, also for 6 months and above. Since Athena is 18 months already, some might think, isn't it too late for her to eat this? I thought so too at first but the thing is, she doesn't eat much of other solid food. Probably I am a bad mom cos I don't prepare lots of food for her to try if she likes it or not. Probably also because I used to try to  make few types of baby food with super expensive ingredients for her but she did not eat them in the end so I got discouraged and so I did not prepare with heart anymore. Hahaha. Or probably, my baby starts to eat adult food already she thinks baby food is for baby. Hmm.. 

So, the box Nestle Cerelac in the photo is the one I bought not long ago. It cost me RM8 for 225g. Ok. Fine. So that box of cereal finished, so today I went to the same store wanting to buy the same box since Athena kinda likes it. I make this for her when she doesn't take adult food and when she suddenly discovered that she is a baby that she wants to eat baby cereal. 

Why #AuntyLevel999 ? Haaaaaa... 
People like me, who is a mom to my baby, a wife to my husband, a cheapskate to myself, will normally compare prices for the items that I buy la. What makes me miscalculate the last time I bought this? Why did I end up buying something in can / container compared to the box which should cost lesser? 

1) It costs lesser because it does not have a can / container. 
2) It costs lesser because it is in the box. 

Makes sense right??

So today, I accidentally saw the price for the can / container. It was priced at RM14.70 .. from the size of the box and the can / container, I was not aware how much one weigh. So I took a close look at the net weight. 

In box, 225g for RM8.00
In can / container, 500g for RM14.70

So, if I were to buy 2 boxes of 225g, it will be RM8 x 2 = RM16
that will be almost or equivalent to one can = 500g = RM14.70



How is that possible?

Let's recalculate:-
225g x 2 = 450g = RM8 x 2 = RM16
500g = RM14.90

Can someone please enlighten me?

Anyways, I wish we have more flavors for Nestle Cerelac in Kuching. 

Something like..
Rice & Chicken with Milk
Oat, Wheat & Prunes with Milk

Photo from here.


Rice & Milk
Rice & Soya with Milk
Brown Rice & Milk

Photo from here.

Or do we even have this
Rice & Mixed Vegetables with Milk

Photo from here.
Or these are already in the stores, just that I don't know?