Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kopi Ying Yong Nai

Yesterday I posted a photo of the kind of Kopi C that I like in Instagram. Thanks to @yyseow for pointing out that this is call Kopi Ying Yong Nai. I didn't know there's such drink until I had it here at one of the housing area that sells kolo mee. For a glass of this, they rationally charge RM1.60 . Oh yay.. more reason to go over for Kopi Ying Yong Nai. Haha.. but other than this place, when I go outside to order today, people here do not seem to know what I am talking about. So I ended up with our local Kopi C. 

Recently, I have been eating a lot of this set. 
Kolo Beehoon for RM3.00
Kopi C for RM1.60

On some days, there will be blur people around, just like today for example. I ordered Kopi C.

The waiter asked: Panas? 

Me: Ya. (I didn't even say Peng ler)

Waiter: Panas ka? 

Me: Ya. Panas. 
(now that I think back, could it be if he asked me that I am hot?) hahahahaha.. geddit geddit? nvm..

and i was served Kopi C Peng. 

On normal days, I will just say tak apa la.. and I will just drink it. But these few days really cannot drink cold water laaaaaa... It's the days of the month again (after so looooooongggg due to breastfeeding) .. so die die also cannot accept the cold drink.

Me: Tadi kan cakap Kopi C Panas?

Him: Ha? Panas ka? 

Me: (wtf. You asked few times ok?) Ya. Saya mau Kopi C Panas.

He was reluctant to take it back. But sorry, today laoniang cannot drink cold. 

Minutes later, I was served Kopi C. I hope he didn't add something funny to the drink. O.o

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  1. Lol. Some people really blur blur.

    Kolo mee hoon looked good. I sometimes order kolo mee hoon too than kolo mee. Change of taste but depends on where I eat. Not everyone can make nice kolo mee hoon that ai enjoy. ^^