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Remember those days where after an event or events, every bloggers will rush back home, take out their memory card from their cameras and started to watermark their photos and update their blogs as fast as they can so that when people google for that particular event, their blog link will be shown first. Those were the days when google was still the first thing people thought of when they wanted to find more information of something. Those were the days when bloggers were still recognized. Those were the days when I got to know Anna, and other bloggers. Those were the days when we were known as bloggers. Time flies. Things changed. Same role, same tasks, less efforts (cos now everyone uses mobile phone instead of cameras and they can just edit and upload using mobile phones) and they are now called #SocialInfluencers

Photos taken in 2010. 

Fast forward to 05.05.2017, our Anna now says #ByeMissWongHiMrsWong.

Love everything about her dream wedding. A Garden Wedding. Been through a bride myself, I know how stressful one can be when there are things that not under your control although you planned everything the way you want it but there are times when you just cannot control certain things. It is ok Anna, it's over now. You did well. It was a very beautiful wedding reception. Everyone Wow-ed. We love every little things you did for us as your guests. 

Luckily I still have my name instead of Mrs Tan. Hohohoho. 

Because of you, I got to hiao dress up. I have excuse to go do eyelashes by Ann. I have excuse to go for a haircut, a hairdo and I even have chance to wear dress with golf shoes heels. Life changes ever since I'm Mrs Tan #LifeAsSinsWifey. I blog less. I update on social media less. I am definitely not the Social Influencer everyone is now. Low profile liao after getting married. Hahaha. 

As much as I wanted to throw everything to facebook, but I think your wedding deserves a post from me. I have so much to tell you. I have so much to thank you. I want to tell you how grateful I am for having you as my friend. I still have that little blogger in me that I want to jot down on blog to remember your special day. 

Every little details in your wedding show how much effort you have put in for yourself and for us. Thank you very much Anna. 

Even the food served to us makes us feel honored to be your guests. 

The starter:
Herbs Poached Prawns Salad with Mixed Fruits
(Mesclun Greens and Citrus Dressing)

I haven't tasted prawns ever since I delivered Athena... and allergy or not, I didn't care. I just put them into my mouth. Hahahaha. 

"Itch or not, tomorrow then decide" was what I thought of last night. Look at Mr Tan !! Hahaha. 

and Anna.. thanks to you, I finally met the Utmost Premium, Gordon and Eva.. and not forgetting your bridesmaid, Gladys. We are all in Kuching but we did not have the chance to meet each other.. and because of you, we met. 

Next, the Soup:
Oven Roasted Mushroom Soup
(Saute Mushroom, Herbs Croutons, Fresh Cream)

Followed by the Main Dish:
Pan-Seared Orange Stuffed Barramundi Fillet & Supreme Chicken Roulade with Spinach and Rasins
(with Tomato and Orange Reduction, Garden Vegetables & Au GratinPotato)

and everyone's favourite, Dessert:
Baked Marble Cheese Cake
(with berries compote and salted caramel sauce, Soft Rolls & Butter)

Oh.. and Jian the meow. I haven't met him since AABC years back.. or was it during my wedding? Hahahaha.. Hello Meow, glad that you do well in everything you are doing now. We shall meet again soon (if someone is getting married.. hahahahaha) That's Yien and Dennis behind.. Hello helloooo.. 

Hello Gladysssss ..

Hellooo Meeenn.. Hellooo Jacqqqqq..

Met Donnie Yen at the Hilton's Lobby. 

How to make yourself looks better besides Ip Man? 
Put camera closer to him, further than yourself. HAHAHAHAHA !!!  

Oh btw, since it was a garden wedding.. and it rained in the morning, the grass is muddy. So guests are advised to not wear heels. Which also means wear Shoes. So, I managed to find a pair of my golf shoes. Finally can put to use. This is how I dressed up for Anna's wedding. Dress and shoes. I can run away snapping photos with everyone.. i thought. Yes. I thought.

and this is how I look before the wedding reception.. and I thought, everyone should look the same. Dress and shoes. Woohooo.. that's going to be specially awesome  !!!! 

But unfortunately, I was conned. Hahahahaha. Luckily I brought my heels alone to make myself not so funny in front of everyone. Hahahaha !!! 

Oh btw.. I dressed up based on their wedding theme: Pink and/or Navy Blue, 
plus a bit of Green.. and white shoes.. hahahahaha.. 

Oh helloooo Evaaaaa.. the forever lovely lady. Thanks for the photo :D 

I haven't got the group photos and other photos with other friendsssss, so for now..this is it. 
Thank you for everything Anna and William. 

Wishing both of you, the lifetime of happiness. 
Thank you so much for having us on your special day. 
Lots of love from all of us. 

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  1. Wishing the newlyweds a blissful life together. I love your colourful pattern dress.

    Oooh. Donnie Yen. Thought you met the real person. Lol.