Saturday, May 27, 2017

Thermomix : Soft Sweet Buns / Sausage Buns

Recently as soon as I have time, I will try to make use of the Thermomix at home. The scariest part of the Thermomix process is when the speed need to adjust till Speed 7 and above. Sometimes I will just adjust it and then i close the door until the German Maid finishes its works. Hahaha !! 

Anyways, I have experiment doing this Soft Sweet Buns recipes that I got from facebook.
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Recipe by Gideon Lye in Thermomix Truly Asian page. She showed each and every step on how she did her buns. They all look amazing. 

Seeing is one thing. Doing it myself is another thing. I tried 4 times. 2 ok. 2 failed. But oklar.. for non cooking and baking background.. and of course with the help of my German Maid. Hahaha. 

Instead of doing exactly the same like in the menu, I cut everything into halves, except for the egg. Almost but not half. Haha. 

Ingredient A

Water 110g 

Sugar 30g 

Yeast 1tsp 

Salt 1tsp 

Ingredients B

High Protein Flour : 260g

Butter (chilled) : 30g

Egg (Size B) 

According to the recipe and methods to do it, put Ingredients A into the TM bowl.  

30 seconds, 37degree, Speed 2. 

Once done, pour Ingredients B into the TM bowl.

Again, 30 seconds, Speed 0-3-6. My second and third attempt failed when the proofing is somehow being bitchy. Hahaha.. So, on my forth attempt, I make the temperature 37degrees at this step. 

30 seconds easily passed. Next, 3 minutes Knead. 
I'm not sure if  my 2nd and 3rd attempt failed were due to the cooling room temperature because I did it at night. So, during the kneading process, I also added on the temperature to 37 degrees. Somehow during the kneading process, I have to be with this German Maid, else this siaochabo is going to throw temper at me. Hahaha.. it vibrates so hard that i need to hold it during that 3 minutes. Haha. 

According to Method 4, I need to let the dough rest for 45 minutes. I just left it in the TM bowl like everyone else. Afterall, need to wash the TM bowl and instead of washing another tool or two, it is a wiser idea to just let if proof inside the TM bowl. Haha. 

While waiting...

and finallyyyy....

Not soft enough. I don't know where went wrong but at least this 4th attempt is better than the 2nd and 3rd.. 1st attempt was better than this though. Hmm... 

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