Friday, December 08, 2017

How To Cook Rice with Thermomix?

Hello December 2017 💗

How have you all been? It has really been a while since I last came into my own blog until I need to find a Thermomix Recipe I once posted. Very grateful for the invention of blog.

Today, I brought my Thermomix to office and I wanted to cook rice with minimal effort. So, I googled many recipes and many showed How To Cook Rice with Thermomix TM5 instead of TM31.

Mine is the older version and many online recipes are for TM5. So, here's one of the many recipes I found online on How To Cook Rice with TM31. Haha..


200g Bario Rice ( I read online that Basmati Rice is also using the same recipe. Will try that next time)
900g Water ( I mixed 650g of Hot Water with 250g of Tap Water)

My Methods:-

Put in Simmering Basket and measure the amount of rice you want to cook. In this case, I only use 200g Rice. You can put in more but I read the max you can put is 400g. I have never tried. So I think to be safe, you put in 300g and see how is the outcome before you try 400g.

Take out the Simmering Basket and Wash the rice with water tap. Then put the basket back in TM bowl. Reset the scale and pour water into the TM bowl.

Set 15 mins, Varoma, Speed 4 

and Taaadaaaahhh !!!

Happy Rice-ing... I mean Thermomixing .. haha..

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