Monday, January 22, 2018

How To Make Radish Kuih with Thermomix?

To cut the long story short, there is Radish in my refrigerator. Initially, I bought the radish to make soup, but i did not have enough ingredients for soup so I googled up what can i do with Radish, other than to make it a dish that needs rice. 

Photos all from my instastory. Haha.. 
#RecyclePhotos #GoGreen

Haircut day.

Anyways, I found a few recipes from the Thermomix website and i jotted this one down on a piece of paper for easier reference. I think using phone screen during preparation of ingredients is very inconvenient. In my opinion , during my preparation la. 


Ingredient A ready to be dump into TM bowl. For first timer, the ingredients can be +/- .
Hahaha. I said so because the first time I cook, I follow 100% what is written in the Cook Book. If it says 40g of Garlic, I will chop and weigh the Garlic 40g. Not 39g, not 41g. Hahaha.. First time ma.. Don't laugh. 

I think I have been jinx, or I have no fate with flour. 
Most of the time, anything to do with flour, will very likely ended up in rubbish bin. 

Like there were few times i was trying to make bun or bread or bao, it just went into the rubbish bin. I followed 100% ingredients in the cook book. Other people successfully did that.. only I failed. 
I was told it could be the flour, so i changed to a better brand, Blue Key, good enough gua. But still ended up in bin. And then I was told to change the yeast, I did. Still ended up in rubbish bin. And thennn I was told to put the dough in the warmer place, in TM bowl with 37degree i tried, in preheated oven, i tried, in the end , still in the bin. Haha.. So, I'm thinking, it must be me and the flour.. and hence the #hashtag.

So while waiting for the the moment of truth, I cooked Lee Fah brand Instant Sarawak Laksa with fish balls and bean sprouts. Microwave 4 mins. Tadaaaahh. 

59 seconds to The Moment of Truth.

I don't have a square bowl, so i pour into two round shape plates. 

The recipe said wait for it to cool down completely and it is ready to be served. But Radish Kuih bo.. must deep fried them in oil baru considered ready to be served kan? We didn't want to make our place oily, so we opt for a lazier version. 

Oven baked them.
Preheated oven. 250degree for 10mins on one side. Another 10mins on the other side. 
and Taddaaahh..

Can you hear the "fresh from oven sound"?

Breakfast this morning.

Oh hey... I just realised this is my first post for 2018. 

Happy 2018 everyone. 
May all the good things, good vibes, good news be wrapped around all of us. 


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