Thursday, February 01, 2018

How To Cheat Customers Without Being Caught?

When you need food but you do not have much choices, especially after lunch hour, you need to go to Kopitiam that have stall with FRIED FOOD

I was at Pending area. The nearest I can go would be Yong Siang Corner that served the most reasonable Economy Fast Food. Or Peaches Garden, near Everrise Pending which serves rather reasonable priced food too. But I itchy. I thought to try something somewhere new. 

Off I went to WIN WIN CAFE at City Square.

This is how you can cheat customers RM1 for each transaction done without being caught. 

I do not mind to pay RM7 for the food I ordered if it shows RM7, or if I was informed earlier on the price. But the thing is, your display price is RM6. I pointed at the thing I want, exactly at RM6. You noted. You went to cook. You tapao my rice. 

You took my money. 
You returned me my money.
(normally I don't check the balance but somehow, I have this feeling at that time to check the money she returned and there I go)
I confronted her on the shortage of RM1.

I looked at her. I pointed to her at her price list. 
Harga RM6 kan? 

Her reply:
Itu harga lama. 

Your old price, you never intend to change or just put a masking tape to change the price??
If I am like other customers who never check the balance, then you can cheat RM1 out of every customer you served? 

Wow. I am impressed. 

Probably, this is another way of making fast money. Without people going to any of the department to complain because RM1 is not worth the effort to go complain. 

Yes. I am being asked,
 why didn't I return the rice to her and ask her to return me the money? 
I thought of that. Only after the more I think of it, the more i am unhappy of how I was being charged that extra. But it's too late to drive back to return her the food and asked for the money right? 

why didn't I go to some government department to complain her? 
People also want to earn living ma. Oklar.. my excuse. I am just one of the majority of people who do not want to waste my time to go to that department to complain and flip people's rice bowl lo. See. I'm that kind ma.

then, why you wanna do a blog post to complain about it now ler?
cos i have my freedom to complain it here ma. 

like that you also indirectly flip people's rice bowl ma?
at least I am not making her losing her rice bowl IMMEDIATELY ma.. Now that you know you will be charged extra, will you still wanna go there??

If you were to go there and you read this post, at least you know this stall will charge extra, so you will be extra careful ma. Now that you read this, are you not grateful I share this with you? 


[Update as at 07.02.2018]
I guess I am not the only person getting overcharged for food because I was sent this link.
There are many other legal advises by .. if you need any FREE advise, go read that page. Very useful for noobie like me.. haha.. 

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