Wednesday, February 07, 2018

What Is A Blog?

If you have never owned a blog, you have such a poor childhood. It is just like you have never played Streetfighter before. 

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Blogs, in those days, used to be kind of personal thing. You can brag about anything. You can pour your heart out to the world. Anonymous will pacify you when you are unhappy. They also share your happiness when you are on top of the world. You have never met them but they are your friends.

But you cannot do the same anymore nowadays. 
Anything you jotted down, it will be against you. People read. People printscreen and people just want to make your days worst. 
You meet them. You think they are your real friends. But things they do will scare the shit out of you.

Some people just want to bring you down and think they are on top of you. 

So what if you are on top? On top does not mean you are good. 
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  1. Bloggingggg ~ sigh makes me feel old liao. But I totally agree. It's your personal space and one should be able to vent and share as one pleases. Ganbatte premium!