Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Have you heard of ePure Products ?

Hello.. Hi hi hi... Hello you.. Hello me... hello bloggers... Hello readers... Hello you and I... Weird ho.. after so long, suddenly I have this urge to login into my blog and write something.. A product that I really like though today is my first time using... 

Clarification: This is not a paid post. 

I first heard about ePure products from the famous sexy big boobs DJ Leng Yein . I don't remember how I get to know her and her page cos I'm not a clubbing person and I only got to know that she is Asia's #1 Sexiest DJ through her page.
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Anyways, it was her and her fb live that I got to know about ePure and its products. 

 I normally use skincare products from Watsons, Parkson or Guardian.. or any other products that people reviewed and say there are good.. and I will be easily influenced to buy and keep. Hahaha. 

So, few months back, LY did fb live and intro the page with Mother's Day promotion at ePureskin page with few sets of products. After much calculation and its free gift, I decided to buy LY Mother's Day Set A at RM460.00 with free shipping. 

It actually comes with another free gift. A beautiful bottle of dried flowers that still looks good though the package came in June. I took photo of it but I couldn't find it in my phone gallery. O.o

Anyways, out of the blue moon, I decided to snap a few photos of my purchase because both my Sunblock finished and my Foundation almost finished .

I used to dislike using sunblock thinking I am still young but everyone at any age should use. I like this UNT UVB absolute  SPF50 Sunblock (Made in Taiwan) that my sis got it from Hawooo FB live and I use it almost everyday. It's not the oily kind of sunscreen that many brands normally have. This is watery and non-greasy kind of sunblock and it absorbs into skin really fast. 

As for the foundation, I found this Sugao Moist Air Fit CC Cream with SPF23 at Watsons Store. 

Wait.. Wow.. Does that mean I'm covered with SPF50+23?? Hahaha.. 

Anyways, I like this Sugao CC Cream for it is a product of Japan. You cannot go wrong with Japan's products eh, I guess. The other reasons would be it blends really well into the skin and I do not have to worry that I have patches on my skin. It gives me a no make up feel but covers what it should cover. 

Since both the sunblock and foundation finished.. and I have the opportunity to open new products I have in my cosmetic box. Hehehe.. 

Opening up today... ePure Nude Perfecting Essence that is supposed to cost RM239.90. I think i save a bit by buying the Set A. 

I am a cosmetic noob actually. When I read the word "essence" , I thought it's some skin care like toner. But then again, it says it has SPF.. so I assume this should be a foundation with sunblock ? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks to the box, it teaches how to apply this product. 

When I opened up the box, I thought the ingredient should be white in color also. 

But it is exactly a foundation color. So I relieved a bit. 
Since I look like a hippopotamus now, I will not show you my face. So I won't say I'm doing a review for ePure product, but I just want to tell you how much I like this ePure Nude Perfecting Essence. 

The page says it has 11 BENEFITS in a Bottle.
  1. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (No need to apply Sunblock liao)
  2. Water Proof (who doesn't like kan?)
  3. Irritatant free (wow!)
  4. Anti-aging (definitely need this)
  5. Whitening (makes one looks younger)
  6. Hydrating (Best of all)
  7. Anti-inflammation (anyone can use)
  8. Anti-acne (extra for those who have skin problems)
  9. Anti-pigmentation (really needed this)
  10. Non-comedogenic (avoid block pores.. nice kan?)
  11. Sebum control (control oily skin.. woots)

If the above benefits are not enough to convince you to buy.. what if I tell you..

ePure Nude Perfecting Essence can replace your current foundation, BB Cream, CC cream, DD cream and even Sunblock / sunscreen? 

The page says this ePure Nude Perfecting Essence is a skin care product that can make your skin healthier while giving you some coverage.. and the best part of all, you do not have to use make up remover at the end of the day. A normal cleanser to wash off will do. 

So, what are you waiting for.? 

Go to their page to buy now. You can ask me to invite you so that both of us will get 1000 points each.

1000 Points For You, 1000 Extra Points For Your Friends!

For each friend you invite, they can get extra 1000 points and you earn 1000 points after
your friend's register and place their first order. There is no limit points you can earn.
That is if you want. Otherwise, you can self register and get points only at your own purchase. 

Or.. you also can search at other website such as Lazada to buy at a cheaper rate.

But I personally would prefer to buy at their official website just to make sure the product is authentic and genuine. 

Till next time .. 💗💗

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